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Ladies thoughts...2nd call back for smear??


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Sorry guys about this but im starting to worry.
I went for my first smear 2 months ago (i know ive left it very late as im 28 now) never got any results back and yesterday i have a letter saying im due for another smear and due to my last results i cant ignore this letter and to book one asap!!
First thing i thought of is OMG! And Jade come to mind.Im sooo stupid for ignoring those letters till im 28!I could kick myself!Im phoning up docs in a min.How many have you lot been called back for another smear?Im really starting to panick!

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Im not sure chick I dont have to go for smears yet.

But I wouldnt worry, a very common thing when you get smears is a few abnormal cells than they burn away..

I wouldnt panic chick, I think they are being alot more careful with any type of abnormal cells because of the whole hype with the Jade Goody thing xxxx


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Hi Fun1

Hope you have an appt soon so that you can feel a bit less stressed.

Thinking of you and keep us posted.

Take care


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hi, i was called back for this and had the abnormal cells removed then smears for 2 yrs at 6 montly intervals, all fine and now only get regular yearly smears,
Try not to worry it really is v common, and try get your apt as soon as you can for your own peace of mind ;)


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Thanks guys,ive just rang the docs and they said they didnt collect sufficent cells for testing,so its put my mind at ease.Got another booked in next month.



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I've heard of a few people being called back for smears, I wouldn't worry about it. With Jade's story being very recent I'm sure they are being very thorough which is good. You're getting the best treatment. Good luck.


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Firstly I'd check with the surgery there isn't a mix up with appointments, and if you do have to go back then it's probably just abnormal cells, lots of women have them. I've had a couple of call backs too - when you ring back, if they say you do have an appointment, ask why.

I'm sure it'll all be fine, and your doing the best thing by having smears/returning etc.



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glad you rang the doctors and seem at peace about it now. Unfortunately there is a percentage who are called back but fortunately most of these are just for a recheck. I know it is something I must do as it has been a few years. Best of luck with it.


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I have had to be called back a few times for re-testing, all due to insufficient cells being taken! I even had to go to hospital for a colposcopy (not very nice) but it turned out also for the same reason as the retesting, these were all carried out by a nurse, so now I only have it done by my GP and haven't had any problems since....

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