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Lamb of God in February

oh no -gonna sound desperately uncool -are they a band? lol Should I youtube them?
Question 2 - What type of music?


Warning-Contains Nuts
I like .....but I'm a hell of a long way from Dublin, guess the gig is there, as you are?

Good though...Modern-day Pantera......


Warning-Contains Nuts
I'd happily go, but not many of my mates appreciate the delicate sounds of metal these days......damn them growing up and getting all 'mainstream' when I choose to stick to my principles.......


Warning-Contains Nuts
My OH likes the softer stuff, like the Foo Fighters, but really he is more of a Dance boy.....wrong wrong wrong.....
I do sometimes go to our local metal night with his mate!

EDIT - Should mention I live away from my mates and original home, I do have friends...honestly....just in Yorkshire!
oooh! I dont actually usually appreciate the heavy growling type of metal but that's more melodic than a lot of stuff out there. Still dont know if I could stick a gig though lol

AFter waiting ooh nearly 13 years I finally got to see Smashing Pumpkins in Feb -and I loved it but I still felt like the chaperone! lol
Plus I cannot headbang for the life of me! Used to go to a metal night atwekends (in my younger foxier days sigh) but usually just sat watchin others get busy.
Dance is wrong Munky! so so wrong! Iv never managed to get to a metal festival. really have to. Me and OH plan to next year hopefully :D

and Rose there is no way ud look like a chaperone! and ya dont have to head bang, just bounce lol. I do like windmilling tho. lads think theyy so cool that they can do that, they're alwasy like Gasp! girls can windmill! Gasp! lol funny stuff
oh no...I'm so sad..is windmilling when they spin their heads/hair round and round? Cus I tried that at home once and bumped into the wall.


I love my purdy shoes
Lamb of God are ace, wouldn't mind seeing Dimmu aswell but alas I have just puchased tickets for Metallica with Machine Head supporting wooo wooo:D


I love my purdy shoes
Tallica are also playing in February, we didn't realise tickets went on sale today and we nearly lost out d'oh. Manchester was sold out by the time we realised so we've ended up with seating in Sheffield lol Ahhhh the treks we go on for music we love. Saw them at Leeds fest in August awesome is too lame a word lol x
oh no...I'm so sad..is windmilling when they spin their heads/hair round and round? Cus I tried that at home once and bumped into the wall.
lol yeah it is. I use to get really dizzy. trick is to plant your feet in a really steady way. like standing on the train :D


Warning-Contains Nuts
I nearly got my nose broken last time I saw Machine Head in Manchester!! Kicked in the face in the mosh-pit!! Ace though!!
Metallica were good this summer :)

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