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Green Day Large Mushrooms...... Need help with cooking them!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by vanilla_cupcake, 19 April 2012 Social URL.

  1. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Hopefully someone answers this asap as i'm starving! ;)

    I have some large mushrooms and was going to crack an egg into them and pop them in the oven, do I part cook the mushrooms first or I do I just pop everything in together, I don't want the eggs cooked and the mushrooms only half cooked :yuk: gonna have them with toast & beans :)

    Thanks :)
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  3. Missjlouise

    Missjlouise Silver Member

    Im not sure of the official answer but part cook the mushroom just to be safe :)
  4. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Ahhhh I completely messed up, tried to bake them a bit first and when I cracked the eggs into them they went everywhere so had to throw it all out, 2nd time around I didn't bake them first just put everything in together and half way through cooking the eggs came out of the mushrooms so so far today i've wasted 4 portobello mushrooms and 4 eggs!!! Have a feeling its gonna be one of those days!!
  5. Missjlouise

    Missjlouise Silver Member

    Oh gosh!

    Maybe you should leave that recipe for a while and come back to it at a future date!
  6. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Yeah think I will lol
  7. kim63

    kim63 Gold Member

    Why not grill the mushrooms & poach or dry fry the eggs.....I just have an image of your poor oven now!
  8. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    haha thankfully the oven was fine, the baking tray looked bad lol

    Yeah that's what I'll do from now Kim, much easier!! :)
  9. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    what i do with this is: i scrape out the black bit inside the mushroom to make it a bit deeper and dont peel them that way they stay a bit more firmer
    im haveing large mushrooms in the morning but am filling them with philly light and cooked bacon or ham then put in the oven for about 20 mins
  10. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Yeah I'm gonna give up on the eggs and try different stuff!
  11. New

    New Silver Member

    I put tomato puree on them and put all toppings that I would put on a pizza. It's yummy :)
  12. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    That sounds good!
  13. slimmer4summer

    slimmer4summer Full Member

    Wow what a coincidence lol! I was gonna post the exact same question earlier as I needed a quick tea. Got lovely field mushrooms but didn't know what to do with them. Thought about cracking the egg in them, but ended up chopping them and cooking with peppers. I had them with dry fried eggs and beans on toast. Def gonna try the cheese and bacon filling and pizza ideas. I wonder how quark and garlic with bacon would do? Let the experimenting begin :)
  14. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Try these!

    Pete’s Greek Cheese on a Portobello Mushroom

    Serves 2
    4 Portobello Mushrooms, skinned (s)(sff)
    1 Garlic bulb (s)(sff)
    100g Greek Salad Cheese 9 syns/2=4.5 syns each
    Fresh or dried chives


    Cut the top off a garlic bulb, spray with Fry Light and place in an oven-proof dish, cook for 20 mins at 180c. Remove and separate the garlic cloves.
    On a wooden cutting board crush the cloves with a large knife used sideways, add salt, chives, spray with Fry Light and chop into a paste.
    Spray two oven-proof dishes sprayed with Fry Light, add the skinned and de-cored mushrooms and a ¼ of the paste to each one, add the Greek cheese, crumbled and a second layer of chives, spray again and cook for 20 mins at 180c. When the cheese has browned, removed and serve on a bed of salad.

    Portabello-1 (Small).JPG Portabello-2 (Small).JPG Portabello-3 (Small).JPG Portabello-4 (Small).JPG
  15. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Oh Pete they look yum!!
  16. BritMumInCanada

    BritMumInCanada Gold Member

  17. Charleybarley

    Charleybarley Gold Member

  18. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

  19. janescoob

    janescoob New Member

    Hi can anyone tell me how to cook mushrooms so they dont go watery if I bake fry grill water always squirts out when I cut them thanks
  20. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    i was once told to cook them until the water has all gone, and also dont wash them first as they soak up the water
  21. Mumma K

    Mumma K Gold Member

    Lots of good ideas here defo gonna try the philli and bacon one

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