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lasagna.. no tango no sitting in the loo .. any1 ??

lol.. hey stop fretting, i get no side effects either, ive shoved some right rubbish down my face and nothing, just a few toots!! lol
ive found a little of what you fancy wont kill you! dependent of course on how you react!
my advise for what its worth isss:
dont obsess, keep taking the xen, and be happy! if you get nasty side effects from too much fat, stay within the 5grm rules! if you dont get the nastys.. im sure the xen is still working! but dont use this as an excuse to pig out!.. wile i brag about not getting the nasty "yellow rain", im sure id be further along if i did!!.. "cant win" :)


Violet is shrinking
Everyone reacts differently to it. I've had a quorn lasagne and I didn't react to it. When you think about what's in the lasagne and break it down, there probably isn't much going way over 5g per 100g and maybe that's why...you could have a mars bar and be running straight for the toilet, the fat in that is way,way over 5grams per 100g.

we're all different :)
thnks all
well Sam i think u n me r in same boat, i also require senna somtimes, dono whr it all goes lol
all bran is the magic answer and a bloody lot of itttt.. i have two big bowls a day, yep is goppin stuff, but after a wile with a bit of fruit chucked in.... its just about bearable "just" :)

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