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Laser vision correction

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I think I posted this in my diary but I had this done eight days ago with Optical Express. Surgery was an eventual success (lol) and I now have better than 20/20 vision!:clap::party0038:

I've had to wear glasses since I was ten and in recent years got really sick of it. after an unfortunate accident with a contact lens the second time of trying them I gave up and vowed never to try again. Laser is something I have had at the back of my mind for a few years and in 2006 I had an op date with Optimax but chickened out at the last minute.

My surgeon was Dimitri Kazakos who does around 800 ops a month, he is based in Bristol but travels to Belfast once a month. I had mild pain about 5 hrs after the anaesthetic drops wore off and took 2 co-codomol and another 2 before bed and that was it!:D

Anyone else here had it done?

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hi i had mine done about 6 years ago had an eye test the other week and my vision is still great best thing i eva did......hated wearing glasses and could never get on with the contacts .....tracey
I am really toying with the idea (and have been for a while). May I ask how much it cost.

Although I guess this isn't the sort of thing you go with a the lowest quote with :eek: However, I genuinely have no idea how much it is


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I had mine done three years ago with Optical Express and my eyesight has been great ever since.

Due to my prescription and depth of corneas (typical - only part of me that is thin is the bit you don't want to be!) I had to have Lasek rather than the more usual Lasik. So some discomfort for a few days and took around 3 weeks for the eyesight to settle but very pleased with it.
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I'm 7 weeks now post surgery. Everything still great, novelty didn't wear off for about 2-3 wks lol. I paid a 4 figure sum for laser, I think the £395 per eye ads are just to get you to have a consultation.:confused:
Hi. I wear glasses and hate them! Ive been thinking about getting laser eye surgery for a few years now.
I did find out when I did an online type price form that the £395 per eye adverts are all just aload of rubbish! As I found out it'd cost me about £1,500 per eye.

Id just like to know though....does it hurt at all while you are getting it done? Can you feel them touching your eye or anything like that?
Sorry if the questions sound silly but I dont know anyone who has had the surgery to ask!


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i was thinking about saving to get this done . I keep getting letters every few months from optical express to get a free consultation plus £250 off the surgery so it would be about £395 for one eye and £250 off the other £395 eye so its not too bad but id need to save a good while to afford it . I wear contact lenses which are good but id like to not wear glasses or contact lenses lol
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I have been thinking about this for a while now but the cost is a little steep. I know someone who had it done and paid £3000 so I think the £395 per eye is a little misleading. I think if I had that sort of money to spend a tummy tuck would be top of my list (when I have lost the weight of course).

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I had mine done in September and it was like getting rid of a handicap-life changing really for me. Every morning I wake up and am still amazed that I can see what time it is. In my case, I was at -9 and just had terribly dry eyes and a vision that changed every 6 months. It was honestly a curse. I hate glasses too but lenses dried my eyes out and there was just no good option. Now I have perfect, brand-new eyes :)

Blue Butterfly-it lasts like 2 minutes and you don't feel a thing. It's not scary or painful. They give you numbing drops and a mild sedative in my case and by the time it was over, I didn't even think they had started. To be honest, the dentist's is WAY scarier than laser eye surgery. I don't know why people are so scared. Nobody's ever gone blind because of it. The worst that could happen is an infection, and that's much more likely to happen with contacts anyway. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what it cost. It's an investment for life! You'll be spending on glasses and contacts anyway won't you? I highly suggest it.
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I had mine done 3yrs ago and it has definatly changed my life. The only problem I get now is slight light sensitivity in bright sunlight. The cost ovrall was £2000 but to me it was worth it when i started adding up how much I spent on glasses/lenses each year.


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Has anyone who's had it done found they keep poking themselves in the eye when attempting to move glasses which are no longer there?

I do that whenever I wear contact lenses :D
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I had mine done about 3 years ago and its the best thing I ever did. I had mine done at optical express and it cost me nearly £3000 but what's that for good eyesight. I do need to wear reading glasses if the lights not good but that's most probably due to age and I was warned about it before I had the surgery.

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CrazyBrit- I've lost all my blind person ticks now lol. For a few months, I always thought about taking my contacts out before bed or constantly reached for my nose trying to push my glasses back up, but it just ended up looking silly with my finger sort of sliding up the top of my nose :D


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Hahaha. Superb!

My worry is that I've nearly had things go in my eyes so often that my glasses are a constant protective shield :D
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I really want to get this but at 24 years old my prescription is still changing yearly so until that stops I can't really do it :(


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I haven't saw this thread for a few months. I'm now 5 months out from surgery and still fascinated lol. Even with the specs I still couldn't see that brillantly.:cool:


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I'm seriously thinking about getting this done. Hate wearing glasses and contacts were useless when I tried them (kept poking myself in the eyes!). Need to start saving I think, but I guess when you add up the cost of glasses/contacts it isn't that bad. Plus then I won't have to get annoyed at pushing my glasses up all the time or not being able to find them in the morning lol

Don't think my vision is that great with glasses on anyway so if surgery makes it better then I definatley want it :)


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I've had many situations where glasses have saved me from receiving a poke in the eye. So I'll keep them.

I have a thing where my eyeballs expanded too fast during growth, so are quite fragile and could rupture under significantly less pressure than most other eyeballs.


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I think the milder the prescription, the more chance of getting a good result. One eye was -2.75 and other was -1.75 or something like that.

I hated how my glasses were always bogging, constantly cleaning them.

I chickened out last time in 08, kept dwelling on what could go wrong etc, scared meself reading forums lol. then last year I said oh sod it, just go for it and keep a positive attitude.:D

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