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Last and final attempt

Oooh, you can do it! I restarted today SW:12st 1

Good luck, you can do it xxx
Well done for getting back in there. Mini goals are the way to go and it makes success easier to achieve. Stay with the forum and use us all to help you stay focussed especially this week. I posted like mad in my first week because it kept me focussed and whilst I commented on threads it helped to reinforce what I wanted for myself as well. Stay out of the kitchen as much as possible and dont watch the TV adverts; go and refill your water glass or something that is positive for you - it will help you resist temptation.
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My first time as well

Hi - i'm new to CD & SS and today is my 2nd day. I done loads of research before starting CD and it was really the ppl on this forum which helped me decide to give it a go.

Thanks everyone - you really have inspired me :) and wish me luck to get through my first couple of weeks:sign0144: F x x
Go Miss Fox go, you can do it and we can help. Welcome aboard. When you need distracting "post" and any other time too. It is an extra tool in the kit box. Good luck.


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Without a doubt it was the forum that got me through that first week..it is so helpful to have other women in the same fat boat!
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Well I made it to day 2 so my first goal is still achievable.
I cant stop wanting food but I am not hungry, I am not going to give in to this, I was thinking yesterday about how the nights are drawing out and it will soon be time to get those cropped trousers out again. I want to go into this summer knowing I can wear whatever I get out of my wardrobe and be comfortable, not like now I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can no longer get into, I have just 5 outfits I can squeeze into at the moment and its so depressing.
Its also my first day today of SS, drank 2 litres of water already and had a milkshake about 10.30am for my brekkie. Just having a black coffee now as trying to hold off having my lunch shake for a few hours cos i know im gonna be starving tonight! And yeah im feeling pretty hungry right now!! BUT i aim to stick to the SS and my first goal too is to stick to SS for a week, it cant be that hard can it :eek: lol.

Good luck!!


Oh and by the way Essexmum where abouts in Essex are you from? I live in Colchester

Lil K

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Good luck to all restarters/ new starters.

Just take it one day at a time, shake by shake - the first few days are the worst, then you'll be up and running.

Keep posting/reading on Minimins to keep you occupied, out of the kitchen, and away from food thoughts. It will get easier, honest - if you can just ride out the first week.

Stay strong, and keep glugging away at the water xx
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I so want to eat the granary loaf hubby has just bought in, it smells so good.
I have not cheated yet but I am not sure I can hold out, something keeps telling me just one slice wont hurt, but it will wont it.

Lil K

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It sure will - carb city! Plus it just might start you off wanting more food - it's just not worth it when you've got nearly two days under your belt.
Just think how you've been feeling for the last couple of days and imagine: Do you want to do Day 1 & Day 2 again???? Have that bread and that's what you'll have to do.

Stay strong, and keep posting and reading


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I will restart it 2omoro!!

Please help!!!


Doing it for keeps now!!
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I'm starting CD from scratch again today!!! I'm 12st 10lbs and I'm hoping I stay on SS for 7 days!!!:D
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Nearly completed day 4 and not feeling quite so hungry. Unofficial weigh in today and I am 6lbs lighter,weigh day is monday so I may be in for a good overall 1st week loss.