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Last attempt


Creating my life
What would you do instead? I always have a back up diet if I get bored of the first one. I've swapped and changed a lot. Its kept me going.
Pink - it sounds like you want to fail already...have you thought about getting yourself in the right place before you try again.

just look at what you have achieved already.

Maybe go back to step one... x
Hi, Good luck I hope you succeed I do agree with Ishafik you need to be in the right frame of mind for this to work - trust me I've had so many failed attempts - I've made myself wait for over a year before starting this again as I couldnt afford to fail again as it was becoming a viscious cycle where by I was actually gaining weight! Take a step back and find your motivation and I hope it works for you x x
i dont want to fail, i want to do this more than anything x
Well that to me sounds like fighting talk.

YOU CAN DO THIS...you have done it so far and there i nothing stopping you from doing it again apart from your own willpower- and from the looks of it you have got it!

YOU go girl!

Seriously - if you wanna have a buddy every step of the way i will do it...someone to check and make sure you have drunk enough water and had all your shakes...I will do it!

Just be positive! xx
Done :)

If this is what it takes I am on it!

I won't be able to text whilst on holiday in Florida though but I can still get online so I will be badgering you on a daily basis!

I leave on the 12th may and come back on the 23rd may.. :)
well done you hope you got thru the rest of the day ok and good luck for tomorrow hold on to that will power and you'll be fine x
Hey missus,

It seems like you are having a really hard time sticking to it which is pants.

I don't know if you have considered it but there is another way to kind of ss and still eat. I have just started to JUDDD plan which is the Johnson Up a Day Down a Day plan which basically means you ss one day (500cals) and then next day you eat normally and just calorie cycle that way, so you realistically only diet half of the week but the calorie deficit should be more than enough for you to lose weight. You probably won't lose it as quickly as ss completely but if you know you only have 1 day until you can eat again it totally becomes achievable. As I said I only just started this so first week for me but I have had 2 down days and this is my 2nd up day and so far I am loving it. Will see what the scales say on Monday but I really do see this as quite an achievable way to lose the weight :D

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