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Extra Easy Last bit to go and finding it so hard x

Hi all I have never done anything like is before so please bare with me. I started SW last year after having my second child the results were amazing I lost 3.7 stone but my aim was to lose a further 14lb but after losing the weight and getting back to a healthy size 10 newbies to the group started giving me looks and asking why I was there this made me feel uncomfortable so I stopped going to the group. Not long after I started to have bad days which have now turned into bad weeks I haven't gained all my weight back (thank God) but I am now getting back to it needing to lose 21lb and if anyone else has alittle to go and really struggling then comment xx
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It is so much harder to lose the last bit and to maintain. The answer is to go back to group and hold your head high. At image therapy they always mention your total loss if you need the justification but really come up with an honest answer to enquiries. We have a lot of inspiring target members at our group and the rest of us are aiming to be like them!

I would say - when I get back into this fortunate position - 'if I didn't come to group I know that I would gain all the weight back again'. Especially as that is exactly what happened to me!
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I have to say I agree go back to group and keep going. If anyone says anything which they shouldn't just say I am here to maintain my great weight loss of x amount.
Good luck

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If group members make you feel uncomfortable, and you don't feel up to dealing with it yourself, you should speak to the consultant. Our consultant often says "xx is a target member, and we are very proud of our target members - if you want to know how she did it, then ask her!"

But to be honest the best thing to do with looks and comments is to ignore them. You have a right to be there.


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S: 105kg C: 75.3kg G: 75.8kg BMI: 26.4 Loss: 29.7kg(28.29%)

I'd like to make a couple of comments.

I've always done SW on my own so can't really comment about group that much - just what I know from my friends on here.

But when I got to my initial target I decided I wanted to lose another 7 lbs.
Friends started telling me I didn't need to, I was already too thin and telling me I was stupid.
OK - I'm 5' 7" with a large frame and was 12 st, BMI 26 and a size 14/16 still. But I wanted to be a size 14 - which is what I'd always been in my 30's.
I got angry and told them to butt out. I carried on and got below 11:7 and fitted into size 14 . . . and I looked too thin. Oops
At almost 60 I look better with the extra 7 lbs now!

All I would say is that it's no-one else's business what your target is so just carry on - so longas your consultant is happy with the target weight.
I'd also have expected your consultant to have supported you more - so as everyone else has said go back to group - maybe a new one with a different consultant and explain to her why you stopped going last time.

The only rider I would put on that is if at a size 10 your BMI is below 20 then I really would think carefully about going below that.

And yes - losing the last bit of weight is tough.
It took me 8 months to lose those last 7 lbs so I should have worked out that I was probably trying to go one step too far.
Maintaining is even harder - I'm now 7 lbs over where I want to be and struggling to get back down again!

Good luck chica - you can do this.
S: 20st2lb C: 10st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22 Loss: 9st2.5lb(45.57%)
It does get a lot harder, I found my losses really slowed down after the first 5 and a half stone. I'm fighting to continue getting losses at the scales.
Consultants say that you need to gradually make changes to your routine to get to your goal. If you have already made changes to your diet, have you considered making a change to the number of syns you have over the course of the week or maybe even reducing your portion sizes?

I'm looking to reduce my portion sizes over the course of the week and maybe for another to see if it will make a difference. Remember that sometimes your stomach sends conflicting messages regarding hunger and thirst.

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