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Last Ditch Attempt! Here's hoping ;-)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Lauralashes, 3 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    So my last 2 attempts at joining back to Slimming World have been a disaster! :sigh::sigh::sigh:
    I don't know what has been going on in my head that has mentally blocked me from doing the one that that I want to do most in the world right now and that is
    lose weight. I've used excuse after excuse and I think I'm actually after running out of excuses at this stage! :D
    I need to bite the bullet, draw a line u
    nder everything and get my a$$ in gear and that's what I'm gonna do.

    I love this site, the last time I did SW successfully I lost 1 stone 10 lbs in 10 weeks. I was thrilled with myself. Then Christmas hit and I went completely off the rails and have been on a downward spiral ever since. I reckon that I have put back on a stone of that original Weight Loss to date and I am disgusted with myself!! I think back to how happy I was when I had lost that weight ( even though I had about another 2 stone to lose!!).

    I'm not happy being overweight, I never will be and it definitely affects my every day life and mood! This time I wanna do it and I want to stick to it! No excuses and no regrets!!!

    I haven't decided if I am going to use my original card to re-join, therefore keeping my original starting weight or whether I should just join as a new member and start with a clean slate? Anyone have any opinions on this please? Going to class tomorrow night so all thoughts would be welcome.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully this will
    be my success story in a few months :D
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  3. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member


    If I was you I think if I would want to rejoin totally fresh get yourself new books etc and at least that way you won't be thinking back to the last time. You sound really determined this time so id go with a clean slate. It is very hard if your head isn't in the right place but slimming world is amazing if you can stick to plan. Let us know how you get on :)
  4. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Thanks for the reply NewMe. Yea I was thinking like that alright... I still haven't decided to be honest!! I am very indecisive at the best of times ha :)
  5. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello there! stay strong and motivated - these are the most important in our struggle for slim body))
  6. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    There was a girl at my class this morning thar was rejoining and she just started completely fresh. It is a hard decision to make maybe chat with your consultant tonight and see what he/she thinks?
  7. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Hey :) so I rejoined last night and decided to stick with my original card :) ... My reasoning behind it is that I'm on the same weight loss journey my whole life and I want to treat it as that.... I did work hard to lose the weight initially so thought I'd just stick with it and see what happens.

    Anyway weighed in at 14 stone 10.5 lbs.... My starting weight with SW was 15 stone 5lbs and my lowest SW weight was 13 stone 10 lbs so I've put back on 1 stone and half a a pound since I gave up the plan.

    I am so annoyed with myself but I have drawn a line under it and I'm willing to give this my best shot this time so hopefully I can master sticks to it again.

    Thanks for the comments :)
  8. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Oh I bough the fakeaway book last night in class too cos that is definitely my downfall so I'm hoping this will help my takeaway cravings ha :)
  9. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    as my consultant said when I joined that's the last time you will see that weight number on the scales. You know sw works you have done it before so you will do great I'm sure. I had a look at the fakeaway book it looks really good. are you all set to start today wit your free and Superfree food in?
  10. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    I am :) did all my shopping last night and this morning... Had a SW fry for breakfast and my Heb cereal bar with a cuppa just now.... Gonna have a yoghurt and some fruit too to round it off as lunch.
    Bringing my little ones out for the afternoon then so must pack something to munch on, I always find the first few days tryin to get back into it are hungry days, then my stomach starts shrinking again and requires less to fill it :)

    Need to plan what I want for work tomorrow and make it up tonight cos mornings are always chaotic in my house ha :)

    I had my very first swimming lesson last night too, so I am feeling very accomplished today lol.... Amazed by how much I learnt in half an hour..... Can't wait to be able to swim!!!! The instructor also said we can stay in the pool for the water aerobics class that's on straight after so was chuffed too, will be doing it from next week on :)

    Hope you're having a good day :)
  11. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    Well done on joining again. This is my third time and I'm making sure it's the last. I'm staying until I hit target, then will still go to group after that. I think my problem is I'm impatient and want it all off at once, or I think 'Well I have the book, no point paying to get weighed' but the structure of group is a good thing. Just stick with it, be prepared, have a meal plan. You've done it before so you can do it again.
  12. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment. Yep, that's what I have to keep telling myself!! :) I see the resutls that some of the ladies have had who joined in the first class I joined and I'm kicking myself to say the least. I really wanna lose weight, I'm not happy in my every day life at times because of my weight so I know what I need to do! Obviously I am aware that there could be an awful lot of worse things that I could be unhappy about and I do appreciate that but I suppose it's whatever affects you as an individual at the time is your concern.
    I just hope I can do it this time, for the last time :)

    So yesterday was my first day back on it and it went ok. My biggest problem was that I didn't drink any water! For me, when I drink a lot of water on SW I actually feel like I'm doing something proactive so that's definitely what I need to concentrate on. I have a big 2 litre in front of me in work now and I'm gonna have it gone by lunchtime, end of...lol :)
    Food was good, SW brekkie, lunch and dinner and used my syns on a tiny bit of icecream and strawberries and 3 of the kids biscuits :)

    I did feel pretty hungry tho and snacked on some cooked ham and a cuppa last night before bed :)

    Hope everyone's feeling good :)
  13. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    I really don't drink enough water either. Bought a water bottle that holds just under a litre so been filling it up and taking it everywhere with me and trying to drink at least 2 a day, plus my milk allowance and some green tea.
  14. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Friday 6th June

    Happy Friday!
    So glad it's the weekend. I don't normally work Fridays so not too happy about being in work but it's pouring down outside and when I was off yesterday is was gorgeous so I don't feel that bad!
    Just had my brekkie which consisted of Toffee Mullerlight and a Special K Cereal Bar (HEB) and a coffee, was yum :).... no superfree but better than my usual brekkie of garage bought cappucino, cornish pasty and hash brown!!
    I have a banana and a mugshot for my 11am break so I am just combining both eating sessions as breakfast ha :)

    Lunch today is a caesear salad and dinner is tbc but will be SW friendly, most likely meat and veg.

    Gonna try and aim for not using any syns before 6pm every day cos the night time is where I really fall down, and once I go over my syns during the day something in my mind just goes boom and I end up sabotaging myself and eating more and more for the day! I think that by controlling them until 6pm I will give myself a better chance to stick to the plan! I'll see how it goes anyway :)
  15. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Same here Melissa, gonna have a bottle stuck to me from now on!! I definitely think the whole water thing is key to losing weight tho, I just don't like it at all... and I'm not a fan of dilute drinks either so that doesn't even help! I just have to force myself to do it for the greater good :)
  16. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    Try some slices of lemon and some crushed mint in your water. I'm going to buy a water filter, it just makes it taste much better.
  17. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Hey All.... so my weekend wasn't too bad... a few bumps here and there but I'm starting to regain a little control again which is making me feel good! I need to get ot my SW books and revise them tho! I think that is where I'm falling down! Need to re-educate myself :)

    Had a lovely SW dinner of Steak, SW chips and mushrooms, onions and peppers last night but I are wayyyyy too much, need to get a grip on portion control. That along with drinking more water and regaining control and I hope to be on my way to losing some weight :)

    I also joined the gym yesterday and went to the swimming pool twice this week, still learning how to swim tho so don;t think it would have burned many calories lol...onwards and upwards eh :)

    Looking forward to WI tomorrow night - even if I haven't lost much I have made a good few adjustments to my routine/food in a week and hope to take it from there for the weeks ahead. I def feel better about myself this week than I did last week tho which can only be a good thing regardless of what the scales says :)

    How did your weekends go?
  18. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    Weekend was good, but I could not stop eating on Sunday lol. Still lost 2lbs though this week so that was good.
  19. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Sounds like you are doing great. That is one of my favourite dinners steak with pepper sauce, with onions etc OMG! Yum! My weekend was okay I was over my syns on two occasions was in pub was supposed to be driving but was encouraged to have a drink so I ended up having a few and leaving the car in town. I've been good food wise hoping il even lose half a pound or STS to be honest with you. My weigh in is tomorrow also.
  20. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    Great stuff Melissa, If I lose 2lbs tonight I'll be chuffed. Have eased myself gently back into it as from past experience I know that when I throw myself back in I feel deprived and then I fall at the first hurdle!! I'm taking baby steps this time round and have decided I will concentrate more on how much better I fell as each week passes rather than what the scales say! I am the type of person that when I see a gain on the scales I'm most likely to throw in the towel! Wnna make sure that doesn't happen this time.

    NewMe it was so delicious, I didn't have any pepper sauce but I am sure it would be twice as nice with it, I'm actually gonna search and see if there is a SW pepper sauce that I can make. Planning on having it tonight again, just steak and veg when I get some from my swimming lesson cos it's nice and quick to prepare and I'll be starving lol.
  21. Lauralashes

    Lauralashes Bulky to Sultry

    So had my WI this evening and I was down 4lbs!! Thrilled with myself :) Also had my second swimming lesson and they are going really well. Able to swim in from the middle of the pool to the side now, not bad considering I was afraid to put my face into the water starting my first lesson last week! I'm away for the weekend from tomorrow and whilst it's for both business and pleasure I'm going to be sticking to plan as much as possible. I think if I manage a loss next week then I will be truly back on the road to weight loss! Gonna drink loads of water this week cos I always seem to get better results at WI when I do! Probably stops me from eating so much more junk than I normally would :) Hope everyone is doing well x
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