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Last few days

5 more days till the big day, and who's still sane? We only put our tree and decorations up yesterday and it took from 9.30am to 5.45pm but they do look lovely. I love it when you take the drab empty trees out of the loft in the dowdy black bin liners and within a few hours they have come to life with wonderful decs and lights. Trouble is, my lot think they can now start munching through the Christmas goodies, I don't think so yet!
Apart from 2 cauliflowers and some salad my food shopping is finished now so I can avoid the supermarkets this week thank goodness, its just as well as I am full of cold today, thanks son!!!!
Got a couple more prezzies to buy and then I am all set so reasonably under control I think. How are you all doing with the preparation?
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Slow but sure....
I am all ready for the big day too CG, all my pressie's bought, given out, and just DH's to wrap up, Asda will deliver my Christmas order on Wednesday, and the tree's and dec's are are up and looking lovely.

I hope you will be feeling better very soon, take care and keep warm. X
I'm all ready apart from wrapping pressies which I hate,every year I say I'm going to wrap them when I buy them and I never do. Also waiting for a couple of things to be delivered but I'm not that worried as I live in Spain and traditionally the children get their pressies Reyes Magos (6th Jan) so we normally do both, my 2 get most their pressies Xmas and just some little bits Reyes so if they don't come in time it will save me buying anything else lol.
I love Xmas but this year it has taken a while to get into it but today I have woken up full of Xmas spirit and I am now looking forward to it x

I'm all done present wise, they are bought and wrapped, just got the xmas eve pj's to sort. I'm hitting morrisons tomorrow for my grocery shopping, my mum just presented me with a £100 worth of stamps :D which was a lovely suprise.

I'm now sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for my OH to get here, he is travelling 350 miles home from work in Portsmouth tonight.



Trying again!!!
All finished, thankfully! Like Donnie I having Asda coming with all the goodies, just have to go to the butchers on Wed but that's it.

Just having a lazy day watching Christmas films ~ think I have a cold working on me too! CG ~ Do you think Vic would mind if I got intimate with him too? xx
I'm also nearly done! Went shopping yesterday and got the food (turkey crown in freezer and ham in fridge!) Some veggies are frozen (the shame!!) the rest are fresh but should last! Might need to pop to corner shop for more sparking flavored spring water (I don't drink alcohol, so that saves syns!!) and milk/bread for kids, but no more supermarket before Christmas, yeah :clap:

All pressies are bought and most are wrapped. I also say that I'll wrap them as I buy them but never do!!

And I've had a cold this weekend too!! Hoping it goes in the next day or so! And I hope the snow goes too. Our road is awful and I dare not risk driving out there!


I am one of the 63336
Presents bought and wrapped. Tree & decorations up. Just food shopping to go.

We have £25 in Tesco clubcard vouchers & £21 in Sainsburys savings stamps (thanks mum) so about to go through mysupermarket.com to decide what to get where on Tuesday morning (early!)
I never was sane to begin with :p
The last of my pressies arrived this morning-managed to get my hands on Juts Dance for the wii-my sis will love it and it was a bugger to get my hands on so I'm well pleased with that. Just gotta wrap my pressies and get the cards for the family.
Slightly more organised than last year-I usually leave the lot til xmas eve!
Well done everyone, sounding like everything under control(ish).

Anyone in need of Vic he's free from today onwards I think so I will glady pass him on to you if you need a good chest rub, he's well practiced after this week lol.

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