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Last resort diary

Hi ladies/ gents

I have decided to start my own diary in here as I am on the verge of giving up and accepting that I will be the size I am forever.

I'll start by telling you a little bit about me... I'm 24, getting married next year and due to being happy, have managed to put on 2 stone. I keep kidding myself that it's just a little bit of weight, can lose it next year after trying nearly every single diet going...

I suffered with anorexia when I was a teenager and therefore vlcd/ slimfast etc just don't work for me, I beat the disorder and don't want to go back to that place. I've therefore tried both ww and sw this year and have managed to gain rather than lose!

As much as my h2b and friends tell me I look great, I'm not happy in myself. I can barely fit in my clothes anymore and I refuse to buy the next size up. I'd give anything to shift even a stone and I think this is the best place for me. Sw let's me eat too much. Ww I hated as I felt hungry prob cuz I didn't make the right choices.

I hope you guys can help me. I've been practising the cc way for the past week and having weighed myself this morning, have sts. I don't think I'm being honest about portion sizes on mfp though so this is officially day 1. I think I want to stick to between 1200 and 1400 a day, I think this is realistic for me at least to start with anyway.

I'm hoping by writing my feelings and food consumption down, it will inspire me a bit more. The most annoying thing is that deep down I know what I am doing wrong! I know I am eating too much junk I know I am not drinking enough water I just can't seem to stop.... Anyways enough rambling for one morning.

Thank you for listening. Will be back later with an update of food.

So far today....
Cup of tea/milk/sugar - 28 calories (think this doesn't help either I drink about 10 cups of tea a day so there is 280 before I've even started!
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Hi and welcome to ccing.
I find writing a diary on here very therapeutic, so hope you do to.
Everyone on here will give you some fantastic advice, so good luck.
Look forward to reading your diary. :)
Welcome aboard. We'll have that 12lbs off you in no time.

Could you try alternating cups of tea/coffee with a glass of water to reduce your tea/coffee intake and save some cals that way?

I invested in some sets of cups/spoon measures from the poundshop and I use them to portion things like cereals, rice, frozen veg to make things easier to count.
Good luck Claire! I also love my tea but I've cut right down because I'd rather use the calories on food. Sounds like you've got a great future hubby and set of friends! I know it all comes down to how you feel though.

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