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  1. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    Hey Everyone.

    So I did Cambridge Weight Plan around 3 years ago and managed to lose just under 3 stone. In that 3 years it's slowly crept back on due to a bad diet, bad break up and busy job! I'm about 1/2 a stone lighter than I was when I first did the diet which is a positive!

    I am currently 13 Stone 4lbs and started again today. My weigh in is next Wednesday and I'm so excited to see what I lose this time!

    I really hope to wear a figure fitting dress on New Year's Eve - that is my ultimate goal!

    Shelley x
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  3. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    good luck! my story is quite similar :)
    I'm back to succeed! keep it up!
  4. shelley182

    shelley182 Member

    You too! We can do it :)
  5. Jessida1991

    Jessida1991 New Member

    Hi shelly , this is my 3rd time returning, first day , its harder than i remember haha!
  6. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Ditto. Similar story, you have same starting and end weight as me (Shelley) ! I'm 4 days into cambridge , have just done dukan for 3 weeks. How you going ? Sent from my iPad
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