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  1. Candlewix

    Candlewix Down boy!

    Well, this is my last week of SS...ever!! Well that is what my consultant says, and I like that idea.

    This is my third whirl at CD, with gaps of years in-between but still ending up the same weight. So, the idea of not having to return to SS is thrilling. I love the idea of adding to, rather than taking away on this diet.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my milkshakes, soups and bars, but I have to learn to live in the real world so am quite excited to be adding a bit of chicken and salad next week.
    I am taking this time to really focus on how, why, what I eat, rather than the way I behaved before. As soon as I thought I was 'finished' I promptly went straight back to unhealthy eating. Albeit a slow decline, I still ended up where I was before without any thought behind it at all.
    I am planning to go all the way this time. Last attempts I stopped waaay before my ideal weight/BMI. Just so tired of not being able to buy off the peg clothes, waving a long goodbye to my much loved denims and having a high and low tide in my bath because I can hardly fit.:0bathtime:.

    Note to self: I hope I always remember how great I actually feel on CD. I sleep like a baby, have more energy and feel so much more bright eyed. When I'm binging I feel ill, sometimes hung-over from too much wine and cheese, bloated, sorry for myself...blah blah...I could go on and on.
    Does anyone else feel amazing? I know it's not easy, but heck the results are worth it!
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  3. danders

    danders Full Member

    Well done Cheryl. How much have you lost in total this time and how long did it take you?
  4. Candlewix

    Candlewix Down boy!

    Hi danders,
    My stats are on the left side of my screen. I started 27.2.14 and up until now I have lost 1st 5lbs (5/6 weeks). Some people lose a lot more. I think my age (58) may have a lot to do with a slower metabolic rate, but I'm still happy. :checkmark green:
    You seem to be way ahead of me. Good luck with your journey!

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