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Last weekend on the shakes!


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well done :) i am jealous x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done and good luck with refeed.


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Good for you glammam! Good luck!
Congratulations! I have 9 days left till I start my refeed and it's a strange feeling after being on the shakes for so long! Hope you get on ok and enjoy!

Thanks everyone. I am going to start refeed on Fri but that give me just a weeks refeeding before hols. I just hope that I dont blow it all on hols now. I'm a bit scared of going back to old habits and piling it on when Im away. I am quite confident that I can eat lovely fish and salads, or grilled meat and salads but i am still stumped on the breakfast issue. Would cereal, yoghurt and fruit be ok or are carbs a big no no? xx
i refed 4 2weeks the last time and i started having alpen 4 my breakfast hun, and i still managed to lose another stone on refeed, i think if u have a small portion of this u shud be fine xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep, muesli or other oat based cereals will be the best of the cereals. You can have some cold meats or an egg with some wholemeal bread. IMO portion control is the key to keeping the weight off.
congratulations! hey let us know how you get on on refeed! good luck :)

also, I was wondering to you guys who're going on refeed soon, or who have already done a refeed - did your pharmacist insist on it when you were nearing a BMI of 25? or where you allowed to loose any more weight on TFR when you'd past a BMI of 25??
Mmmm Alpen! Love that! Well after all this umming and aring whether to refeed today or fri I am going to refeed tomorrow! All this talk of food and thinking about what to eat has made today unbearable and I cant wait til fr to refeed. Also, Im out on courses on thursday and fri so think its easier to take a salad with me than lie about my flapjack. i havent told anyone in work about it cos I didnt want any negative comments about putting the weight back on. So excited now tho! Half day tomorrow so Im gonna pick up all my food on the way home! YAY!!! didnt mention BMI I just decided to refeed cos of hols xxx


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well done

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