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Late night munching

Your lifestyle is such that you are up late and therefore are likely to eat late. Theres nothing in the sw plan that says we can pnly eat at certain times!
If the sandwich was on plan why feel guilty? and why compare yourself to your friend? Well Done to them for the weight they have lost and Well Done to you for the weight you have lost.
You are not the same people, don't live the same lives and so try not to compare.
I don't think I could live in a pub and lose a single lb so again....Well Done you! xx
I'm a late night eater, too - I always need to have supper or I can't sleep - but if you're on plan then it's allowed!

I tend to find that I need a bit of protein in that "meal" - rather than just fruit and a cuppa or a synned mikado or whatever - sounds like you do, too, given the cheese spread and ham butty :D - maybe plan for it? If you're up and about until later then it's reasonable to expect your body will need fuel then - so maybe scrambled eggs or SW quiche, ryvita and cheese spread and salmon or ham with a tomato sliced on top, or chicken salad or a lovely thick HM lentil veggie soup?

I've found if I make my "go to" for that meal more protein based then I'll eat less over all because I've fulfilled what my body actually needs.

Of course, you may be nothing like that at all :D but I hope it's useful and *Emsie*'s made a lovely point about not comparing yourself - you're on your own journey and you're doing it beautifully.
Don't feel guilty in the slightest, especially if the foods you are eating are all to plan! ;)

When I get the munchies at night, I reach for the rich tea fingers and seeing as I barely use many syns during the daytime, at 1 syn a finger I treat myself to a few! :eek:

Keep up the good work anyway! x


Determination is Key
Eat when you're hungry. Don't deprive yourself, but do stick to the plan :)
I am like you, I get hungry at night but hay, slimming world is great, your points, calories or meals are not finished for the day so you can eat any time but just plan ahead.

Please don’t compare yourself to your friend, it is different. I tried CD before and I was so miserable and deprived all the time. This time I decided to do SW, because although it will take me longer , I will no longer be miserable or deprived.

The problem with quick fixes, they are not long term, and I have been yo-yoing for years for quick fix, if I spent that time on been more organised on SW and more imaginative with meal ideas, I would have reached my goal by now .
Yeah I always want something substantial at night, even after a big tea. I will boil some eggs ready for tonight, and if I don't want them I will have um for brekkie!

It's hard not to compare myself to my friend, she was always alot bigger than me and now she is 3 stone slimmer. I'm so happy for her but having tried lipo trim at the beginning of the year I keep thinking where I would be now if I'd have stuck it out! I love my food to much though, which is why u switched to slimming world!
I just can't stop eating at night. I can't go to bed early as I run a pub so I try to eat fruit etc I just made a ham and spread cheese butty from my allowance (cheese as syns) but I still feel guilty! Especially after seeing my mate who has just lost 10stone on Cambridge diet!
I have just looked at your thread and you should be patting yourself on your back you have lost 48.5lb!! that in its is a huge amount of weight and you should be proud..... take each day as it comes and dont beat yourself up cos you had a cheese sandwitch, if must be lived as well.
Good luck for your future weight loss and wishing you all the best :D:D
I feel for you hun. I get awake in the middle of the night because I feel the need of the eating. :D I guess it's okay, eat when you're hungry. Just be sure it's in small amounts. It's fine to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions. It's better that way than to have an empty stomach and eat a blast when you're hungry.

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