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Laura's New Year Diary


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Hi all

I've done a food diary before and stuck with it for a while, but dwindled around the same time as my losses started to get stuck...

So I'm going to use this as a bit of an all-in diary - got a busy year ahead, studying, job-hunting, one (hopefully two) house moves, so on and so forth, as well as trying to shift the remaining pounds and trying to organise my life and myself!!

About me - I'm 23, a trainee teacher, and have been doing SW since Feb last year. I've lost around and about a stone and a half, but have been stuck gaining and losing the same few pounds since October.

I haven't got a huge amount left of my journey in terms of weight - but it takes me a while to shift it as you can see from my stats, and I've got lazy of late (not helped by Christmas!)

Today is my first 100% day back on plan - all my leftover Christmas chocolate has syns written on in black marker, I'm back at work tomorrow, and tomorrow evening is my first WI of 2011. So, here starts my year :)
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Evening update... I have successfully stuck to plan all day, but my sweet tooth is definitely back after being over indulged over Christmas. Had Weetabix and scanbran for breakfast, Ryvita with cottage cheese and salad for lunch, some melon and grapes for snacks, and Quorn sausages, wedges, beans and mushrooms topped with a fried egg for tea, oh how I have missed my SW feasts!!

However, I have used 11 syns on chocolate, and am about to use my final four on a packet of chocolate buttons. Need to get out of the chocolate habit again because it's my biggest downfall!!


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Failing miserably with this already!!

Coming down with post-Christmas flu (everyone else around me has been suffering since December, so done well to escape so far) and that combined with leftover Christmas chocolate isn't much good. I'm counting all the syns but it's calling my name, and I don't know that I'll be able to resist once the syns run out...

Today's outrage... went to chop up some bacon for carbonara, and saw that the date on the packet was 30th December! I though, surely that's not been in the fridge THAT long (especially cos it's bacon, never lasts long!), and then it dawned on me that I actually bought it on Monday.. the 3rd of January! Shocking, date checkers want sacking. That said, it still looked just fine and smelt fine, so I went with it anyway - already had some before I noticed the date and didn't hurt me, so we'll see.

Determined to keep on with plan all week, need to shift my 3lb Christmas gain and get moving with some losing again!!

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