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laxatives - poss TMI

Okay I bought a packet of ducolax on Tuesday as I was getting very constipated - so on Tues night took one and sure enough yesterday I went but it wasnt very easy if you get my drift.

So last night at about 10 o clock - I took 2 big big mistake at 3 am I had to make a really quick dash for the loo - my stomach was all crampey and I was there for ages.

There was good news in all this when I got dressed this morning my trousers were even looser. However my bum is so sore today! Its probably never been this sore - I need to go to the toilet again but im scared its gonna hurt really bad!!

So anyone who is going to take laxatives be very careful!!
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Says it as it is!!!
Duco lax seem to do the same to me hun .... i always have cramps etc with them. not nice tho is it!!


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I had to use Dulcoease in the end as it felt like Id just done the green house scene from the film Scum eewwww! x
What are dulcoease?

My tummy is starting to cramp up again!! I cant cope with another episode!!


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hi there kildare
i had the same problem when i did this diet last year
,you need to increase your water to 4/5 litre,you are allowed to take senacot(sorry for my terrible spelling)maybe you should try that once in the morning till you get movement,peppermint tea will stop the cramping.strong black coffee works for me too.i feel your pain,let me know how you get on


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it makes it easier to pass, basically softens it.


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I use senecot....a lot gentler....they take a while to work, but I find they do work for me.x


Wants it Gone!
yeah I too take senokat and they seem fine with me


too hot to handle!!
yeah i take senokot,,forgot past few days and took 3 last night,,job well done this morn,,lol


too hot to handle!!
everyday i take one,,if i remember that is
Jesus Garry the green house scene in scum must be the most awful scene in a movie since Jodie foster in the accused, seriously that movie is hard but I love Ray Winstone sooooo much he's bad ass!!!! Oh and ducolac kills me also 1 is fun 2 will kill.


Says it as it is!!!
im terrified of taking them incase i get caught short or something lol
Ever 2 or 3 days def before a weigh in!!!!
Yeah, got caught short last week lol not a good situation!!1 Oppss never EVER done that before the little joys of LT


Says it as it is!!!
haha Luckily i wasn't tooo far for my sisters house hahahahhahaha have to laugh!!!
p.s that was ducolax!!!!

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