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Gone fishing
yes, you can take laxatives. You can use any laxatives such as Senokot or glycerine suppositories

Avoid ducolax though as it's too harsh.

I'm not sure why the fibre stuff didn't work for you. Remember the Fibre89, or fybogel (natural flavour only), or things like psyllium husks, are fine to use, but you need to use them regularly...as in all the time.

Don't use them if you are constipated. They are to stop constipation happening in the first place. If you use them while you are constipated, then it can make it worse.

So use senokot etc to relieve the present problem :clap:, then try again with the preventatives. Maybe you needed to do a bit of 'tweaking' to get the right dose for you.
Movicol is really good - it softens things so it is easier to pass. Buy it from chemist. Once you sort the problem you need to add fibre daily to stop it happening again.


Peggy McParrot
where do you buy psyllium husks from, tried today and the chemist just shrugged her shoulders.....


Peggy McParrot
cheers honey....... neeed them soooooo much lol
I use psyllium husks tablets, whenever I feel 'full up', I take one at night then the next morning all is well :) I just got mine at a health food shop, around 5 pounds for 60 tablets. I found these work, the fibre mixes never work for me.....
You can get psyllium husks and others from Healthspan (on internet)- free delivery from Jersey in a couple of days and usually cheaper than shops.
Oh - forgot to say - you need to get the blockage cleared asap cos it will become drier and hence more painful (sorry!).
or for something different but really works quickly is a green tea abdominal massage - biggest poo I have EVER had after that. It is like having a colonic but without tubes being put into you which is always a good thing!!!!

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