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Laxi effect with xenical


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Does anyone find they are getting a laxitive effect from taking exenical..

not leaking oil stools just well.. very runny...and quite often but not despratly..

also yesterday had really bad cramps in my tummy too!! not complaining really wasnt THAT bad,... better out than in!! EEww sorry

sorry for being sickki!!
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Going From Flab to FAB!
Hehe not yet but this is only day 2 :)


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lolz well i didnt really know how else to say it! i did try to dress it up by saying "laxitive effect" never mind u know what i mean!

Anyway ive had a bad tummy for a few days now, my weight which dropped a few lbs has stayed down so im not complaining!.

u know what i think... the first batch of xenical that was given to me was not full strengh.. i mean... the boxs look the same cant rememebr the amount in each tab.. but they rarely had any effects on me.. but this batch really have i mean im not constipated this time.. (touch wood) and i feel lighter.. and i am ..well more regular!

maybe its just me... but could the first batch have been a fake although they from chemist?
I`m with Julie, If anything they have had the opposite effect on me :confused:


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by opposite u mean constipated then?
just come out and say it! lolz
Me too!

The first few weeks I was really constipated. Now just about everytime I go to the loo (for a wee) I also get the runs!

Sounds disgusting - because it is!! He He

Becky x:p
*hands becky a star*

she said it like it is! lolz


Silver Member
hope it doesn't happen to me. started to-day
lolz u just dont know how ur body will react chinababe!
best carry some extra knickers around!!

nah im kidding everyone reacts diffrently! the ppl that responded to th thread most likely have had some side effects there are loads that havent like ALI. shes had a CLEAN RUN if u like!! no pun intended hahaha


'this time i'll do it!'
iv had runny poo too!!!!! lol. not all the time but usually when iv eaten fatty stuff,
i also get stomach cramps just before i need to go,

my friend who is also on them gets really bad cramps and really smelly wind(apparantly)iv not been there when that happens,thank god,lol
i think everyone is different

sharon x
Well after reading all the other comments I feel somewhat normal now!! It doesnt matter what I eat it gives me terrible wind - and every afternoon I have a loose bowel movement (and I hate it cause I am at work) and with it comes alot of wind so its sooo embarrassing LOL But at the end of the day my weight is coming down so one out weighs the other so to speak!!!

Annie x
indeed i dont have solid poos no more but they aint too bad.. & i rarely get the runs so thats ok. but my weight reflects the troubles.. its coming down so i dont care.

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