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Lazy in the Kitchen


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I admit it, I'm totally lazy where it comes to cooking - if I can find a tin/packet alternative to make life easier then bring it on - I buy my veggies ready cut, I can't be bothered with all that chopping business. I have to say since I've started SW I do cook more than I used to - I'd never have bothered to cook a chilli from scratch or so on.

I'm looking for ways and ideas to get me motivated in the kitchen - I would love to be the next Delia Smith (ummm errrr) but that is not going to happen. I was thinking about my SW diet, as in the food I eat not the actual plan its self and when I compare to other people my diet is pretty poor - I mainly surivive on syn free chilli either with rice or jacket potato - I make enough to last about 3 days and don't mind having it for 3 days in a row. Asda chick pea dhal in the tin with savory rice, jacket spud and beans, and more of the same. I enjoy a sandwich with some quorn slices and salad in it. I don't know why I tend to stick to the same meals time and time again - puts me to shame when I read some of the other peoples food diaries and see the variety of things that they are eating!

I want to start eating vegetables and enjoying them, I want to start cooking meals and enjoy the cooking and the end result.

I've bought some quorn meatball things today in the hope that I can find something interesting to do with them! :eek:

Help plz I need a kick up the bum and some basic ideas of where to start from x
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Hey there. First off I'd like to say that your losses are amazing!

Now, I know exactly what you mean about grabbing the easiest option. That said, I definitely do cook more now, but it's nothing exciting.

Perhaps a risotto would be a good place to start? I've never made one before, but you could easily throw loads of vegetables in there :)

Or maybe some homemade veggie burgers? And a stir fry should be pretty easy - you could throw in some quorn to beef it out?

Hope this helps, I need to start being more adventurous with my cooking...I go for the easiest option ALL the time :(


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A really good place to start is with the SW magazine, there are some fab recipes in there - or why not pick up one of the books from class? The family feasts for a fiver or extra easy cookbooks are very good and you can easily double the quantities if you want to feed the whole family.

Sometimes I really don't want to cook, but I do because I like to vary my food to stop me getting bored (it's been 3 years now!).

Chilli is a good meal, but how about a sausage and veg casserole? Add some butterbeans or cannelini beans to bulk it out and serve with broccoli and green beans. Or roast a load of meditteranean veg and serve with a salmon fillet or a chicken breast. It doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't take long.

I make a lovely mixed bean chilli and have it with rice or jacket potato or on it's own as a lunch. That's one of my faves!


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What I do is go through my SW recipe books/peoples Food Diaries each Friday and then do myself a menu for the following week with a different dinner for each night which I then stick to the fridge!

Obviously you don't have to have what is down on the actual night but as I only buy in what we need for the week it saves money and reduces the risk of me going off track because there is only SW stuff in the house!

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