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Gaahhh, just a whinging/rambling thread really!

I'm so lazy, haven't done any proper exercise for ages (other than general walking). Then I complain because my weight loss is less than 1lb a week :confused: (I wonder why lol). I was a bit concerned as I was having heart palpitations for about 3 weeks (stress I think), but they seem to have gone now so I've got no excuse!

It's not the idea of exercise so much, but the idea that once I start I will have to continue forever if I want to ever get to, let alone maintain my goal weight.

I've been feeling down lately and I know that exercise will cheer me up once I've got over the inital trauma of it. Not to mention that losing another half a stone by August bank holiday would be :D:D:D.

Sooo, I bought the Zest Running Made Easy book. I've never been fast or athletic but I (think) I have decent stamina for cardio so I intend to start that this week. Even I should be able to do a 16 minute running/walking program - I hope!

Hopefully now I've written it down I will be forced to do it!
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Hi happypear,
I am lazy too, but like you knew I had to get off my huge behind and do something about it. Fortunately I found my exercise and I love it and can't imagine stopping :)
I still have days where crap tv is far more interesting than going to work out, but as soon as I get up I really feel great about doing it, and shifting the weight while toning the body is the best motivation you can have but you must make that start before your going to see the difference
You go girl, it will be tough and you will have a million excuses, but you need to find what works for you and you will stick with it :)
Thanks Kron :D. I have such a defeatist attitude, because I'm not very good at exercise I don't like to do it because I feel daft. I know it gets easier (at one point I used to go to the gym 4 times a week, those days are long gone!), but it's easier to sit and whinge and not make the effort!

I've started 30 Day Shred again, and when I go and see my parents this weekend and have some nice countryside to run in I'll be giving my run ago. I've given myself a mini goal for the end of the month so fingers crossed!


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I'm another one who knows she should be doing more but just can't seem to get her arse in gear :eek:

Like you if I want the weight to come off quicker I need to get moving!!!!!!


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Happypear - your shredding, now that doesnt sound like a defeatest attitude lol i am far too scared to try it. Have you joined the shred thread, it seems to really help
So what if you look/feel/act daft :) theres worse things in life.
Big weekend country walk does sound quite lovely

Littlesis its finding what works for you. I did aerobic dvds and hated every second, I knew it wasnt going to last. you need to find your thing and it will be so much easier to stick to


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Kron.. Zumba is what I love doing the most class wise but due to being unwell and my car being on it's last legs I haven't been able to get there!! Hoping to start back next week :)


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Why don't you zumba around the house :) that's a high impact workout and will do wonders
I did my exercises at home following DVDs just recently a class started so enjoy doing it and know I get pushed harder than when I do it at home, but quite enjoy it lol

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