L'Carnitine on VLCD

Do you have anything with critic acid in and do you stay in ketosis?

  • yes - stay in ketosis

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  • yes- kicked out of ketosis

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C: 16st6lb
Hi Guys, i did Cambridge a few years ago and i am just starting again now, i am having 2-3 shakes per day and a low carb meal, plus low intensity exercise.

Does anyone take L'carnitine?

I cant find much about it, some websites have said it helps with ketogenic diets as it transfers fat stores but it has citric acid in.

So many people have different views on citric acid, lots of people saying this has never kicked them out of ketosis some say even the smallest bit has! I spoke with a nutritionist at a supplement shop who has said this will be fine (although as usual strongly advised against a VLCD)

Any advice on l'carnitine and ketosis would be greatly appreciated!
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