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Discover Leah's New Year Diary

I thought I should start a diary, keep me going and see if it will help me stick to plan.

Today isn't a fab day, I didn't get out of bed until 4pm. I've had a bad cough and cold thing for 2 weeks now, and I'm getting seriously fed up. I want to go on a bike ride!!

I'm pointing everything, even if i've gone over, which was what put me off last time I did WW. I didn't want to admit to eating too many points, so I just wouldn't count them. I WI on Wednesday and i'm hoping for a loss... soo tempted to have a sneaky peak at the scales today.. i'll only do that if I can work up so energy to go on the Wii and actually do some exercise. Albeit nothing that makes me cough... so ski jumping for me lol.

Steak for tea :D Thought I would have a nice treat full of Iron and B12, both of which I lack.

Looking forward to a Carvery tomorrow, i've already pointed everything i'm going to have hehee

I've heard from a few people who have applied for the same course in Uni as me, and they have heard back, either rejections or interview invites. I can't wait to hear about my application, should be soon!
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Like Starlight said in the other thread - no weighing yourself! Weight flucuates day to day and especially during the day - if you weighed yourself an hour ago your body could have put on as much as 3lbs! Weigh yourself the same time each week :)

Steak sounds nice, as does the carvery! I've been fancying one of those for a while, but my OH doesn't really like roast dinners...boo.

Good luck with the application for Uni - what are you planning to study and where?

I'm hoping to do Paramedic Practice at Sheffield Hallam. Keep checking my emails every 5 minutes at the moment lol!

I'm lucky I work in a pub at weekends that does an amazing carvery, and the main menu too, so I can always convince my OH :)

I'm not letting the reading get me down. I need to buy some proper scales too, as i'm using the Wii and I just don't trust it 100% and it's only accurate to a lb. Might check out the sales :)
I swear my Wii just lies about my weight for its own amusement!

I'm studying in Sheffield at the moment, (up the hill), its a fab city I love it! Best of luck with your application!
Thank you Gevaudan.

It turns out I got the wrong end of the stick, people have been getting interview invites through the post. I'm hoping no news is good news, surely they would send out the rejections via UCAS email last week, and send interview invites after.. shouldn't get my hopes up though.

I've just asked OH to buy some decent scales. I just don't trust the Wii, and there was a good set on ebay for £15, so he's getting them for me bless him :)

Worked out if I lose 2lb a week, i'll be at goal for beginning of May, what a fab time to be at goal :D

People have asked me why i've set my target so low, so if you're wondering, and you've taken the time to read my blog - here's why.

I've always watched music videos, films and read magazines with lovely skinny people in. I adore Michelle Rodriguez and how she looks in Fast and Furious films (i'm a chavette at heart lol) and I want to be slim and fit. I love biking, and I hope that will help me get to where I want to be weight and fitness wise. I want to have nice toned arms and be able to wear ANYTHING. Walk in to a shop and not navigate by stomach hiding clothes, but by showing off clothes.

I'm young, I've realised I need to do something about my weight at a good time, when I can do something about it without losing hope (I know if I had more to lose my motivation would be a lot weaker) I want to be able to be old and say, yeah, I was pretty fit back in the day.

Before i'm the wrong side if 30, i've had kids and i'm a career woman, I want to take the time now to be a bit vain. I want to feel, if only just once, stunning. And take my OH breath away when I walk in the room. So some might think my goal weight is stupid, or worry i'm taking this all too far, but i'm grounded, and i'm not obsessed by that specific number but around there I know i'll feel great.

Just need to get rid of this stinking cold and get out there on my bike. So fed up of snot! haha. Sorry if you're eating, i'm a no holds bared kinda girl :)
I think it's perfectly reasonable to have a goal in mind - some people prefer to be the higher end of the BMI scale and others the lower end - I know my "low" weight would be 8 stone and I'd look AWFUL at that weight (my lowest weight was 9 stone and I looked so ill) but everyone is different. I think the main thing is just to carry on as you are and when you feel comfortable, stop. Some people are comfortable at a weight higher than their goal, and some prefer to go lower - it's really up to you, it's your body :)

Hurumph. I've managed to put on another lb. I don't understand it, I really don't. My wii must be lying. I have stuck 100% to plan. I can't see how I can have put on.

No news from Uni either. Really hoped there would be a letter waiting for me when I got home. But no.

A small part of me is tempted to get back in the car, drive to Mc Donalds and eat everything. I really feel down today. I'll not go though (can't afford it lol) and eat my steak and get a relaxing bath and a good nights sleep and hope somehow I lose 5lbs by Wednesday WI lol.
Don't worry about it too much! I honestly wouldn't trust my wii scales, I think they try to wind you up on purpose and I always feel deflated after weighing myself on them, so if I were you I wouldn't take what they say too seriously!! The only realistic picture is to use the same scales at the same time each week, apart from that I wouldn't let other weigh ins get to you too much!!

Good on ya for staying away from McDonalds, stay positive!!!

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