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Total Solution Leah's official Diary!


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Hey, I also have 4 months to loose 4 stone... let's do it! well done for making the commitment to TS, it's worth it.
Know I shouldn't but weighed myself to see if the needle has moved....It has :happy036:

Won't say how much don't want to jinx it lol!

Did about 30mins quick walking while on the school run good part about my job we walk everywhere!!!! Hardest part is cooking! But I said no to an amazing casserole last night bolt:

I've not been able to do 100% yet :'(

I've had a few crackers with patte or cheese on it not a lot but about 200 calories! :'(

I HAVE to loose 4 stone by March 22nd :cry:

Haven't had a proper meal since Monday morning tho (egg sandwich) suppose that's good!

I've gone from having about 2 pasties, 2 cans of coke, 2 lucozades, a pie, crisps, chocolate, a big dinner and possibly a egg, bacon, AND a sausage sandwich ALL IN A DAY

To now having a bar, shake, soup, and a few crackers and a small bit of cheese or patte!!

Coke and lucozade free since SUNDAY!!!!


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It's sounds like you're trying really hard, well done :) if I get tempted to stray from 100% I usually think about the reasons I want to loose weight, for me its my wedding in April - I have to be a size 12 to fit into my dress!

The problem with TS is that its not just a


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Sorry, TS is not just a vlcd, its also a low carb diet so that you burn body fat, not just the carbs you're eating. So you might find the crackers and cheese, no matter how small a portion, is preventing ketosis. I found that even having just 2 cups of tea with milk and a bit of sugar have prevented ketosis, so every little thing counts so it seems.

Be strong!!
Today was a disaster

Stupid Xmas fare with 40p cakes! Going to my sisters this weekend which shall be tough but I really want to do 100% on Saturday and Sunday!

I'm going Miami March 22nd for 2 weeks so really have to get properly started with this 4 stone goal!! From now on....NO CARBS!!!


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OK just found your goal date! Break it down to weekly goals perhaps?
Exactly 16 weeks min 3lb a week is 48lbs nearly 3.5stone so if you lose more some weeks you will be well on target.
Waking up with a very salty weird taste in my mouth! Not so much bad breath just needing a lot of water in the morning first thing!!!
WOOOOOOOOOO not as big as people's usual 10+ weight loss but.....

A 3LBS weight loss with me NOT sticking to it 100%! :D super happy as means first try wasn't a waste!

I'm aiming for 3lbs a week to be 16st for Miami then come back and loose another 4 :D


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Yay well done, you'll achieve that no probs. xx


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Congratulations!!! I also have around 4 stone to lose, I'm aiming for around Feb/March aswell but I think I'm a week or so behind you I started yesterday! Heres hoping my first week loss is like yours :D
Really ill last few days so haven't eaten anything! Pounds are dropping off :) and been walking a lot faster everywhere!

Cutting out coke has been a huge difference too!! :D


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:wow:well done, hope you feel better hun xx
Not week 2 weigh in yet nor have been 100% but Still loosing!

Been incredibly ill throwing everything up that I just had to EAT eventually!

2-3lbs down so far so on target! But hey it's not a gain :)