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Lean mince pp??



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Did you make the burger yourself Sar or was it a ready made one? The purple pocket guide lists 125g extra lean mince as 6pps, so that would be 3pps for your burger, but I find mince a difficut one as it is hard to judge exactly how 'lean' the mince is. I have looked for extra lean mince in the supermarkets but haven't been able to find it so I usually get round steak mince in the hope it is leaner than the cheaper value packs of mince. With your burger it also depends on whether anything else was added like breadcrumbs or egg to bind it etc. Hope the burger was tasty Sars!
Made the burger myself chick. Oh I think you can get extra lean somewhere... Dunnes maybe? I'll check next time I'm in ok?
Actually the whole pack made 6 burgers. I used 1 slice brown bread to bind the whole lot. A splash of tabasco and a bit of dijon mustard... Think that's it? What do ya reckon? Bad or good on pp? X

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I need chocolate now!!!
Well hun, 60g of extra lean mince is only about 3pps and one slice of bread between six burgers doesn't even register as a point so I would say the burgers are good value for points. The burger bun you put it in is the killer, a bun could be around 5pps but I'd have to check that. Keep up the cooking Sars!


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Hi you can get extra lean mince from tesco with less than 5 % fat i use it all the time it is with all the other butchery items on the glass shelving x
I make my own burgers with lean mince from butchers (better value!) and i put mince in a bowl and tenderise it but mushig it around because it gets soft i dont need anything to bind it, i just add onions(0pp) italian herbs, some garlic and a tiny few chilli flakes. then i make into a burger shape and it never needs binding, I fry in spray oil and serve on half a bun with some cheese and some oven chips.(and some light mayo to dip chippies) and whole meal comes in at 16pp. burger bun and chips are the killer so id say your burger was low low low! 4pp at most hunny

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