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lean protein - whoops!

Can't say I have, certainly the original '72 version of the book didn't. I'd ignore it, originally Atkins said you need to eat fat to burn fat, I suspect this is them trying to make it less shocking.
thanks - I think i'll ignore it - after all - this is about challenging those ideas that the government nhs tell us is heathly - I have decided already that it is all propaganda.

Its so freeing eating this way - I am no longer obsessed by food - I am far happier as a result, not always spending time thinking about when my next meal will be, whether i can have elevenses, threeses etc etc. I never ever though i would be one of those people that ate more for fuel than pleasure.

Don't get me wrong, I am having some lovely meals, but i know now, I had a serious addiction - I thought I was an emotional eater - i'm not at all, I was just addicted.

I hope I can make this a real way of eating in the long run, not just for me, but for oh too, once he sees that this works! I'm already looking at phase 4 as although i'm nowhere near being ready for that, i'm looking for options for a healthy way of eating when ttc/ pregnant that doesn't rely on the food piramid nonsense
Hi 2010,

Im a food addict too, no matter my state of mind i eat (sad, happy, stressed, bored its all the same to me)

I went for a pub lunch today and it was easy to choose. I had a lovely ocean salad. It did come with bread but i chose not to eat it.

Ok, takeaways like KFC and Burgerking now have electric fences around them and if i go in them ill frazzel to death, but thats a small price to pay to good health whilst in the first few stages of the programme.

My shopping bill has been a little more expensive, and im cooking all the time, but overall this week, i think its 'stickable'! only time will tell - but im staying positive about it.

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