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Learnt my lesson on over eating

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Hello. I have copied this from my diary if anyone is interested. Just shows it is all in the mind and I let mine loose yesterday:(

Ive just had a light bulb moment, that may help others too. Yesterday I over indugled alot which upto now I havent done.

Now thinking about it know why. As it was the end of my holiday, I had WI that morning and was going to a wedding I told myself that I would start 100% tomorrow. That was planted in my mind (subconsciously) so I ate with the thought of 'eat everything now as the diet starts tomorrow.' Thats how I have failed previously so many times on other diets as I always start tomorrow. On CD I could do it 3 times in a week! :cry:

What I should have told myself was I was on an UD. With that thought I have never over eaten once on this diet.
Things could have been so different. Lesson now learnt.:(
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Yes I do that all the time. Tell myself, "I'll just pig out today cos I'm starting diet tomorrow." I have done that all my life and it has made me fat. I need to learn to eat in moderation. This JUDDD does seem to be helping with that as I don't pig out too much on uds. Even other day when I pigged out and I had McDs after healthy dinner, only ate cheeseburger and ice cream whereas before I'd have had fries and big mac. I know I was still greedy but I could have done that nno bother before but I didn't even enjoy it as felt so stuffed.

So I need to learn to eat in moderation and I think this is good cos if you do overdo it ever you just compensate the next day which is what slim people do.
Hello. I have copied this from my diary if anyone is interested. Just shows it is all in the mind and I let mine loose yesterday:(

Thanks for sharing that with us xx
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Yes I think we've all done that hun! Sometimes when I was on slimfast I'd give in to something naughty, and then once I had one thing it'd lead to something else as in my head I'd already ruined my diet that day so I thought stuff it and carried on saying I'd be 100% the next day. This plan is so much easier to stick to, I haven't felt the need to do that and if I really want something I'll have it in moderation on an up day and not overdo it.


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aww hun we've all had it....i used to be worse when starting cambridge....would binge fo a week knowing i'd start but.....have ended up at my heaviest weight ever:cry:so now try and behave lol and think judd will help :p.

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