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Leaving Calorie Counting.....


Warning-Contains Nuts
Hi Guys,

As of Monday I'm afraid I'm defecting and going over to Weight Watchers....
I need someone keeping a bit more of an eye on me so I don't fall into my usual trap of yoyo-ing when I get near target. :sigh:

Weekly weigh in's and a bit more structure is what I need right now. Plus a couple of my friends go to the same class so I can get support from them too :)

I will of course still be lurking and throwing in my two-pence-worth here if you don't mind....I'm a bit of a forum-tart anyway, ramming my opinion into every forum given half the chance....:rolleyes:
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Warning-Contains Nuts
I think it's what I need right now as I'm getting serious wobbles about maintaining on my own!

Also I think it is literally the only diet going I haven't tried yet!!!
good luck munky...... youve done so well so far, i can only say, if you feel you need to move on to another diet then so be it. at the end of the day you have to think of yourself and what works best for you, i wish you all the best in the future. much love and hope to hear from you soon xxxxxxx


Warning-Contains Nuts
Thank you! :)

As I've said before I've got a fairly major minimins obsession, so I'm sure I'll still be rambling on here aplenty!!! :)
Bst of luck Munky I know you'll do outstanding you've pretty much proved that already by how far you've come. Take care and stay in touch!


Warning-Contains Nuts
Thank you :)

Clearly I shall be staying in touch...what else could I be doing at 1:40 am on a Saturday when I can't drink??!!

I'm just sooo rock and roll!!!
haha join my world. I often go to bed at 3am these days and still get up at 6 lol. We are both so close to goal scary isn't it? I never get this far by now I've fallen off the wagon lol The end is near Munky we're that close we can almost drink it lol


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I am the lightest I've been for 4-5 years now, this is the time I would usually be thinking....I'll just have a week off and a few nights out, as I'm so near goal....then a month later I'm a stone heavier again!!!

Not this time though....That's why I'm going to do WW, plus, if I only get weighed once a week at class, that will be better for me to keep perspective :)

I'm currently playing facebook tetris, watching my OH play "Bad Company" online on the PS3, and checking in on minimins, Saturday nights did not used to be like this.......:rolleyes:

Ah well, another 2 weeks and it's my birthday, so I'll be out on a Saturday for once....not sure if I'll be drinking, but will certainly be dancing at this time :)
Good for you Munky. I'm the same I can't allow myself to have even one blip now I know I can't do it and get back on the wagon no matter what I tell myself lol. How was your first week on WW? Are you enjoying it?


Warning-Contains Nuts
I've been 100% on plan, I've saved points to have extra bits at the weekend, and actually still have some left over! It's my WI tomorrow night so I'll see then how I've done weight wise, I feel that I have been eating more than I would have been doing my own calorie counting, so I don't expect a huge loss.....

How's the week treated you? :)
Excellent good luck hope you get a good result. I've been ok thanks got the final work WI tomorrow and I think it's my official final WI next Saturday so I'll keep you posted as soon as I know.


Warning-Contains Nuts
I lost 1.5lbs at my first WW WI.
I'm really happy with that as my WW points add up to a lot more calories than I would have had previously. Good for a gradual route to maintaining to stop my usual yoyo-ing!!
How did you get on? :)


taking one day at a time
wow well done you thats brill ,you have done fantasitck just been looking at your progress great inspiration .I was following ww but changed to cal counting lol .I do know 70 cals is 1 point so have good idea what i should be consuming for my height etc good luck xx:)


Warning-Contains Nuts
I think there's not much in it in terms of the actual diet, but I just needed a kick in the right direction...and someone keeping an eye on me!!

Also I've been eating more cals on WW and lost more weight than I was CCing! I think I'd cut down too much and made myself plateau....but hopefully I'm off that now :)

I keep meaning to try exercise more, as I've not been very active recently, but I may save that as a reserve plan for if and when my losses slow again!

Good luck on reaching your goal too:)

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