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Leaving class

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Just a little post to get some opinions really. I am thinking of leaving my class and weighing in at home using minimins for support. I'm pleased with how I am doing on Slimming World but I no longer stay for class because I am just so busy. My wedding is in four weeks, I work almost full time and I have a one year old oh and I go to the gym twice a week! I dont really think I get much out of my group if I am honest, even when I stayed for class, I dont think I came away with any great tips I couldn't get off here or from the magazine but I really dont want to set myself up to fail.

Hmm, any thoughts?
H x
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Now to maintain.....
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it really depends on you.
personally....when i was losing(been maintaining since nov) although in theory knew i could use mins,facebook etc and save money and would still lose i didnt.
i know that the actual act of going to class and paying to be weighed meant i was good,if i hadnt had the 'threat' of class hanging over me it would have been far too easy to say things like 'oh well....','i'll be good tomorrow','just this' etc.
it really depends on you as a person but i do also know that statistically people who go to class lose far better than people who dont so there must be something in it.


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If you trust yourself to do it and want to do it enough you'll be fine without the class especially as you say you're not staying for meetings anyway. I don't go to class anymore but that's because I wasn't really trying with going to class so I couldn't do any worse on my own!


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How long have you been doing SW hun? Will much change after the wedding??

Personally I am totally committed but do not attend a class. I weigh in at home on a Thursday and Minimins is my SW buddy :)

However, a friend of mine goes to class but doesn't exactly follow the plan :confused: Her 12 weeks is up this week and she is wondering whether to sign up for more or not. Can't see the point really - she doesn't stay to class, just turns up and weighs :confused: She still doesn't use her Healthy Extras correctly ... doesn't know what EE is ... but has successfully lost 15 lbs :rolleyes:

If you get the support you need from family, friends and of course Minimins, then I would say you will succeed.

If you need the encouragement of getting on those scales at a group meeting then stay.



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I've stuck to it better using Minimins than I ever did going to class. I think it's because there's support and ideas here 24/7 and then I used to not want to go back to class if I'd had a bad week because I'd be embarrassed in front of the other members. Don't have that here as it's not face to face...it's just more comfortable and more flexible doing it at home I find...don't think I could do it without Minimins though, it's been a life saver for me. If I'm having a bad day I can just check in here and read some inspiring stuff, check out the before and after pics and find a yummy recipe...I didn't get any of that at class.
If you're determined and the forum really helps you then I think you'll be fine. Good luck!
Thanks everyone for your replies. I guess I won't be quite as busy after the wedding but I'm still not sure I'll want to commit to staying to class because cos I go to class straight from work i feel like it eats into time with my daughter. To get more time with her I'd have to give up sw class or the gym and I feel like I get more out of the gym. I'm debating whether to get OH to weigh me to be honest and write it in my sw book every week! He'll be a right smug B if I gain so might be quite motivating?!! Xxx


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This is what I do! OH weighs me and documents it! He has an alarm that goes off every Sunday at 10am for me to stand on the scales! It really is motivating!

sweet pink

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If youre committed then I'm sure you'll get along fine at home. I have never been to class & I get hubby to weigh me once a week & I write it down which I find helps me be accountable. I use minimins for support which has been fantastic. If worst comes to worst & it doesnt work out following the plan from home you could always go back to class after your wedding


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I've tried to do it by myself twice and failed, but that's just because i am weak. As long as you are determined you should do well. Plus we can be your consultants :)


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Hi Lelly and welcome.
I do it alone at home - I live in Spain so no classes anyway. If you WANT to lose weight then it is just as easy at home as at class as you get more support here on Minis. There's someone around most of the time and we're a "reet friendly bunch".

There's loads of groups for at homers, I weight on Monday and our group is here
Sunday here
And as Debs said Thursday here

So give it a go if you think you can be committed. As Welshcake said "if you want to lose weight you will do be it at home or in class - and vice versa if you dont want to lose weight no amount of classes will help you".

Good luck with whichever way you choose.


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For me I couldn't lose or maintain without a group.
I need the support and the "threat" of the scales.
Nothing to do with not being motivated or anything like that, I just need to go to group.
Oh, and I actually really enjoy my group. They're a great bunch :)

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