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Leaving my job - Leaving 'Do' advice!


WILL be Slim!

Its been on the cards for a while and i am starting a new job in a few weeks time!
I decided to do CD to lose some weight in time for the new job (as its quite high powered and i wanted to BE the part iykwim), but i have my work leaving do on thursday and i am terrified!

We are all going out for a curry...which i think i can overcome with chicken and salad, but then the evening 'session' is worrying me to the core!

Intially, it was supposed to be this big booze up, but now i really am not in the place to be wasting all my hard work and effort on one night's binge drinking to then put a stack of weight back on.

I am getting weighed on Wednesday so it takes the pressure of me for thurs....but what would you suggest?

Any help would be apprciated! I really want to have a good night and i know i can do that without the beer, but i work with a LOT of men and to them its all about the beer!

HELP please!!

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Maybe just have a few vodka and slimline tonics? Not sure really but your allowed a night off every now and again!


Cambridge Consultant
I personally would have my water... and not ruin it. We are all different though.. and if you want to join in then with everyone then just have 1 or 2 of something.
You have to do whats right for you hon .
Good luck with your new job..


Silver Member
They might think it's all about the beer, but isn't it really all about you?! It's your night out after all! lol

Do they know you're dieting? If so, then maybe you can say to them that you'd rather not spoil your hard work. If they don't know, then it can get trickier.

The bottom line is though, that you need to do whatever feels right for you. It's your night and you should enjoy it so you need to do whatever will make that happen.


WILL be Slim!
thanks all! They do know i'm on this and nil by mouth, and to be fair, i'm not even sure i want to be getting drunk anymore anyway, so think i might try and stick to water!

Are there any drinks that would cause less damage to the diet if i did want to have a drink?
Any suggestions would be appreciated


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It's REALLY dangerous to drink while in ketosis, there was a thread the other night about it. It's so not worth it. have a great night but stay sober!


WILL be Slim!
eeeeeek! Will do now! Dont like the sound of dangerous!


WILL be Slim!
ha ha ha! Funny you should say that, just found some painkillers for my headaches and they say avoid alcohol all over them!

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