Red Day Left Over Beef Recipe anybody???

Ok so yesterday we had a nice roast beef dinner. Todays lunch was a beef salad & there's still a chunk for dinner tonight.

I don't fancy another roast really, but thought maybe a beef curry or something would be nice.

Anybody any idea's or recipe's I can try out for tonight? I am doing a red day.

Thanks :D x
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I'd probably go for a beef curry! I don't know an 'exact' recipe as I normally make them up as I go along but I'd fry up some onions/mushrooms/peppers or any other veg and then add the beef, then add some curry powder/garlic/tumeric/corriander or any spices you want to use and then I'd add some beef stock or tomatoes and simmer down! If you want a creamier curry you can add a tablespoon of natural yogurt before serving and mix up.

There's so many choices you can do with left over meat though, stir fries are good, soup, noodles etc. :)


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yep I saw beef curry too, but don't add the meat till right near the end, as it is already cooked it only really needs heating through, if you add it too soon, it will become over cooked and really dry.
Thanks both of you - I ended up making a really good smelling curry, unfortunatly I am yet to eat is as I am waiting on hubby getting back from the gym.

Packed it out with loads of veg, carrots, broccoli, sliced peppers,onion, garlic & tomatoes & added curry powder, chilli powder, passata, water salt & pepper - smelling really good so fingers crossed I can add the beef soon & tuck in!! lol