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Leg Cramp


I don't know if this is in the right place, I posted it in Health too...

Does anyone have any miracle cures for that horrible wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night cramp in the leg? I don't get it so much now as I used to, it used to be once or twice a week, but still maybe two or three times a month, I will wake up unable to move my leg because the calf muscle has seized up completely?

I've read all sorts of theories on the internet as to why it happens - It could be dehydration, too much sodium, not enough sodium, lack of iron, potassium, you name it, it could be anything.

There seems to be no correlation either - sometimes I've been exercising in the daytime and I get it, sometimes I haven't, sometimes I've eaten well, sometimes I haven't...

Does anyone know anything about it? :confused:
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Unfortunately, not even experts can agree on what causes cramps.

I get the same thing when I wake up in the morning sometimes. I'd recommend making sure you're well hydrated before going to bed, and if it does seize up the best thing I've found is to stretch the muscle. If its the calf then you need to keep your leg straight and curl your toes up towards your knee


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I find that writhing around on the bed screaming in agony gets rid of it :D

Seriously though... Keep hydrated, even through the night (if you wake up, have a few sips of water). Ensure that you stretch out after exercise (I know Justin's not sold on the benefits of stretching, but I invariably get cramp after exercising and not bothering to stretch afterwards - even if that "exercise" was just a long shopping trip). And if you do get woken in the night by sudden cramp attack, do your best to support the cramping leg and breathe deeply and slowly, focussing on relaxing. I find that helps it pass more smoothly and rapidly, and with less damage to the muscle (and, thus, less time limping afterwards).

Finally, after cramp, do try to stretch the muscle gently throughout the day. Just a little stretch here and there will help it out a lot.
Thank you both, Im glad Im not the only one for starters!
I'll make sure Im drinking plenty water, and try extra stretching too, see what happens :D Cheers!


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I'm just back from the Drs! I've been suffering with cramp for the last month or so, and it's really affected my sleep! 4 hours a night is not enough! It's not in my calf tho, it's in my toes and on the front of my shin. I did have a "lightbulb" moment last night as I've only had it since I started doing NewU and doing pressups and planks. (tho the GP thought it could also be my age!) He recommended plenty of calcium rich foods. (and gave me quinine tablets)

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