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Leg cramps


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Lack of salt and dehydration causes leg cramps.

I get terrible cramp in my left leg every so many days. I just up my water intake.


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Me too....... I up my water and add a bit of salt to the soups and that does the trick (till I forget and it happens again :))
Lack of potassium can also exacerbate leg cramps. Even though you are getting your daily nutrition from the shakes, it can't hurt to take a multivitamin. And what everyone else said - drink a lot more water. This same thing happens to me and if i drink a lot of water, it resolves itself.
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Please do NOT take a multi vitamin. You get your R.D.A from the diet and you CAN overdose on vitamins. So add a little salt to your soup but not too much and up your water intake.


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Potassium is a mineral not a vitamin; excess vitamins are simply excreted unless your intake is so large the body cannot cope - but this is rare. Leg cramps have many causes but on a VLCD the most common cause is not enough water and lack of sodium which is salt.
The Exante FAQ advises add a little salt to soups. This always does it for me.
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Just FYI you can't overdose on vitamins or minerals by getting your 100 percent RDA through the shakes and bars, plus taking a general multivitamin (which usually includes potassium). It's the same as eating normal food (assuming you were getting 100%) then taking a multi, which a lot of people do. You don't absorb all the vitamins and minerals from the shakes and bars just because you are ingesting them. If any doubt ask a doctor, everyone is different. It makes sense that adding salt helps because almost all salt is enriched with iodine.
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Hi everyone, I was wondering if you're allowed to drink slimline tonic water(without the vodka!!) as the quinine in tonic water is supposed to be good for leg cramps - always works for me when I'm pregnant.

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