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Leg waxing o/t


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Do any of you lovely ladies...or gents have your legs waxed? I've never had it done you see but would love to go on hls and not have to shave everyday! Just a few questions about it-- do u have to get naked? how long should u grow hair for? how long before holiday should i get it done? and is it really as painful as ppl make out?? oh and how much does it cost??
i wouldnt risk doin it myself as i kno i'd pull 1 strip off and say no no no back to shaving! so if i go to an actual salon to get it done i cant back out!

any feedback much appreciated!
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have to grow em a bit !!! cant remember how much it cost but i had to stop the girl on the second leg couldnt take it any more . maybe i have sensitive skin . i just had lower leg done . couldnt do bikini line ....ouch
The longer you let the hair grow the longer the results last :) so I wouldnt shave between now and the apt

No you dont have to get naked, just take off trousers/shirt, your underwear should be fine on even if you are getting your bikini line done too, unless you are thinking of getting any of the exotic bikini waxing done, brazilian etc requires you to remove underware.

Personally I dont bother getting my legs waxed, just my bikini line, and run the razor over my legs in the shower every morning, helps exfoliate for tanning anyway :)


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also i had the sugar one done . i have tried the avon ones myself and they are not too bad, they give you a wipe to apply straight after so its refreshing and stops it stinging . someone told me the immac roll on stuff good but never tried it myself . get it done couple of weeks before hols
Meant to say, I found the legs worse than bikini line, but then its a much bigger area but when I go for my bikini line these days I take 2 neurofen a half hour before the apt and that helps.


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i go on hol in two weeks if i get it done next weekend would that be ok u think?
I've had my legs done ... it was painful.

I've had my bikini line done twice ,,, it was painful and drew blood. I plan on laser treatment once I can afford it.

I use immac or a razor ....


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I get my bikini line done every month and have been for about 3 years now - it does hurt but the hair is so thin now that it hurts a lot less than it used to!

I guess it WILL hurt but if u are brave u can handle it - millions of people get it done so it cant be that bad. I like the idea of not having to wax but i dont like the idea of not shaving for 3 weeks whilst the hairs grow!

I reckon it costs about £20 for a half leg.

I had mine done the other day, its sore but you get used to it after a few times. As hedgehog says take some nurofen before hand it really helps. Let the hair grow as much as you can before going. I paid 20euro for full leg dont know what that would be in pounds. Id go def if you goin on holiday its alot of hassle shaving everyday while away at least you wont have to worry about it. Dont be embrassed either they have seen it all before.

becky xx


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ooh i couldnt do bikini line !!! mind have had 4 c sections then had hysterectomy end of jan .... big scars ...... i stick to razor .... on the QT i have found hubbys elec razor great for my legs but havent told him that !!!


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Leave them to grow as long as you can and have them done about two days before you go on hols and it should last for the whole of the hol. I used to have them done regularly and eventually got to quite enjoy the tingling sensation (I know - I'm weird!) Nowadays a use an epilator, hurt like hell when I first got it but now I just run it over every week and it keeps my legs and underarms nice and smooth. Haven't quite managed to do my bikini line successfully with it yet but I keep having a go - one day.......

Jan xx
I dont think a weeks growth in hair is enough, at least it wasnt for me when I got mine done, I only did it the once and the next day I felt stubble, because hair grows at different rates and slower ones were not up enough to be waxed. Ended up having to shave on hols anyway! Never bother to get the legs done again after that.

If you are going to get your bikini line done, make sure they use hot wax rather than strips because its much less painful.

I've started getting lazer on my bikini line now, and its great :)
I get a full leg and bikini every 3 weeks, I find my ankles are the most painful bit but if you have a bath or shower 30mins before you go it opens up the pours so the hair comes out easier.
i just wear a pair of bikini bottoms when i go so i know how far I want her to go in so there aren't going to be any stray hairs.
If yiou are going away in 2 weeks I would stop shaving now and have it done 2 days before you go as if this is your first time your legs will prob be a bit red at first.
My lot costs me £27
Hope that helps!!


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thank u all that helps loads! when getting bikini line done do u hav to be naked or just pants? i think i will get it done the friday before i go which is just under 2 weeks away and i havent shaved in about 6 days already so that will be about 3 weeks worth of build up!
no you dont need to be naked for bikini line, just were bikini bottoms so they know how far in to go :)


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I used to have my legs waxed all the time and it only hurts for a split second when the strip is taken off, I have never had any pain after the waxing. Because I don't like to bare all, I usually wear some shorts under my trousers (1/2 leg wax) so I just lie there in my shorts. You are probably right to not bother with the home waxing strips, they don't really hurt any more or less, but I just got so bored halfway through.

I would definitely recommend leg waxing, takes ages for the hair to grow back and the more you do it the hair grows back much thinner. As it's your first time waxing, you are probably best to have it done at least a few days before your hols to let you skin settle down ready for the sun cream.

Good luck...you'll be fine!!


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hey lisa, im a beauty therapist and beilive me if you get someone good to do your legs you shouldnt feel much pain at all! your hair should be about 1 and a half inches long to get a clean wax, although it is possible to have it done with hair shorter although it may feel stubbly after. i would recommend it if you're going on holiday as it is so much easier than having to shave all the time! and much better for your leg hairs, (they will grow back slower, softer and lighter in colour) xxx
As Hedgehog recommended, get your legs done 2 days before going on holiday, then if you have a reaction it will calm down before you hit the beach! Your legs should be fine for at least the next two weeks.

Are you getting your armpits done? That really hurts :eek:. I can't have bikini line waxed as I just break out in a rash, so have to use Veet sensitive skin bikini line cream.

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