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Lemon Icecream in SW mag

Hi :D

I have just made the lemon and ginger icecream in this mths SW mag and it is LOVELY! But it serves 4 and is 1.5 syns per servings and I can't see where the syns come from.....the ingredients are:

1 x Egg White
2 x Lemon
2 x Vanilla Muller Light
6-8 tbsp sweetner

I was under the impression that all of the above were free on SW, is this not the case?
Thanks :p
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needs to focus!!!!
i thought that also when i saw it in the magazine.
Glad to hear it was nice as i was thinking about making it sometime, wasn't sure about the ginger in ice-cream though!
It's odd isn't it! I read somewhere about fruit having a syn value when made in to a smoothie so wondered if the same applied to the lemons when using them in the icecream. That's the only sense I can make of it!

Stephie - Honestly it is delicious. I have made one with he ginger and one without and both were lovely although I think that I prefer the lemon on it's own one! Highly recommended ;) xx
Hi Sue,
Basically you beat the egg and then add the juice of two lemons, the chopped ginger, 2 Muller Lights and the sweetner. You blend it together and freeze (although I just chucked it in the icecream maker) I really can't see where the syn value is. It's too confusing for a Sunday, lol!


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I had the same question about a kiwi fruit sorbet. Apparently, as soon as you do anything to the fruit other than eat it fresh as it comes, it then causes the fruit sugars to be released and that's where the syns come from.

Sounds daft I know, but c'est la vie.
Ah ha thanks Annie! I thought it might be the juicing of the lemons so thanks for clarifying. Seems odd doesn't it! Oh well 1.5 syns per portion isn't bad at all seeing as it was gorgeous!
Ladies it is lovely. If you like icecream then I would highly recommend an icecream maker. You can get them for about £25 and icecream is ready in 20mins!!! xx
I have just looked up lemon juice in the syn part of the food optimising booklet and the juice and rind is free so I don't understand why the ice cream has a syn value :confused:

I have also looked up the syns online and its free there too so the theory about juicing a lemon adds syns doesn't seem true. Anyone got any other explanations??


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I can under stand that blended fruit is not free, because of the amount you can eat, but this one really is a mystery, especially considering in my SW dessert book shows a recipe for lemon mousse which has all of this in it except ginger & it is free!!

I have an ice cream maker, which I use regularly, just chuck in all sorts with really great results...most of the time!!
I've just sussed out why it's got a syn value!!!!!

I checked the recipe and it uses stem ginger NOT fresh. Fresh ginger is free but stem ginger is not. Stem ginger is in syrup and it's 2 syns per piece. The recipe asks for 2 pieces so it's 4 syns for the lot.

This was really bugging me so I had to find out. I knew the lemon juice was free so there was something in there that had a value and it's the stem ginger. I suppose if you change the recipe a bit and added finely chopped/grated fresh ginger it will be free :)
Hazykay you are an absolute star!!!! Thank you!!!!

I am even more impressed now as the lemon icecream on its own was my favourite and is completely free!!! Yummy free dessert ladies and gents!

Apologies for not being clear in the original post on the fact that it was stem ginger. oops ;)
Don't worry pink peony, it was an easy mistake to make. I got the ingredients today and I am going to make some tonight. It should be ready for tomorrow can't wait!! :D
Don't worry pink peony, it was an easy mistake to make. I got the ingredients today and I am going to make some tonight. It should be ready for tomorrow can't wait!! :D
Woo hoo! Let me know what you think :D
Do you think the recipe could be applied to any fruit, strawberries, raspberries etc? x
I don't think you can puree or juice any other fruit as it would give a syn value.

Lemon juice is free so i guess if you wanted to use anything else you would need to find out the syn value of the fruit you want to choose x

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