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Puddings lemon mousse help


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Here you go:

Grated rind & juice of 2 lemons
8 Tablespoons Artificial Sweetener
3 eggs (separated)
1 sachet gelatine
170g/6oz Very low fat Fromage Frais
1 Egg white
pinch of salt or cream of tartar

Put the grated lemon rind & juice in a bowl with the sweetener & egg yolks. Stand over a saucepan of simmering water & whick until lemon in colour & beginning to thicken (10-15 mins)

Sprinkle the gelatine in a bowl containing 3 tablespoons very hot water & stir until dissolved. Stir the dissolved gelatine into the lemon custard. Cool & chill for an hour until just beginning to set. Fold the fromage frais into the setting mixture.

Whick the 4 egg whites & salt or cream of tartar together until peaking, using a metal spoon fold the egg whites into the setting lemon mixture. Pour into a serving dish & chill until set.

Free on any plan

Sounds lovely - will have to try this myself!
I havent done this for years but I used to do a simple version of this:

3 egg whites whisked up
500g very low fat fromage frais
lemon sugar free jelly made up with 100mls boiling water and cooled a little
juice and grated rind of a lemon

whisk up eggs, make up jelly and cool, add other ingredients, stir and set in fridge

Only syns would be for the packet of lemon jelly?? 2 syns
I made the lemon mousse for pudding on sunday, i was hoping to have enough for a couple of days but it was so delicious that the family demolished it at one sitting! If you haven't tried it yet it really is worth the effort.
For anyone that is concerned abot using raw egg whites because of pregnancy or anyother reason. I presume that you can use the dried egg white as this has been pasteurised. and I have checked dried egg white is still free on all plans.
Made this yesterday and it is lovely. Hard to believe it's syn free...I had massive bowl today for dessert...and on weigh-in day, I ask you!? How can this be called a diet!?
I did find it quite tart though, and i just used one (large) lemon. If I were making it again I'd try to get more fromage frais in and would use a smaller lemon.

But I was so proud...my egg whites peaked, I've never used gelatine before, never made a mousse before.....Slimming World is really broadening my horizons and making a proper little housewife of me!
hmm me and a few of my girly mates are having an sw dinner party this weekend and i said i'd bring pudding, this sounds yummy may have to try it.

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