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I think there is some variations with the new and old book hun. I could be wrong but i'm sure that's what I've read on here.

I can't confirm as I've not read either


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Are you reading the new book hun? Its the old one we are all following (with a few exceptions) and in the old one you are not allowed but the new one you are (i think)
Thank you. Yes it seems I have bought the revised edition though I thought I'd bought the old one! OK I shall carry on without :D
I shall look on ATkins UK Stephen, thanks.
I haven't started yet but will do soon (just finishing Cambridge Diet). I will be following the new book as I am veggie and it now allows veggie stuff like Quorn which it didn't before (I guess because it didn't exist then!). I think there are a few other things allowed too.



Mines a V&T Please
with the diet you can eat whatever you like upto 20 net carbs beans chips whatever (may 1 chip) but only 20 carbs toms yes but they high in sugar, i have 2 x cherry in a salad no more.


Mines a V&T Please
on the atkins uk site there are downloads on a pdf file showing whats allowed as a guide to help this serves as a back up to the book,very good information got mine glued to the kitchen wall LOL
Thanks guys, you've all been a big help as usual :D
Morning Jim, did you have a good weekend? I was thinking of you white water rafting with a tad of jealousy LOL :D
If you mean am I bruised and battered, then yes love. LOL LMAO.

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