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Length of foundation


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Women do 14 weeks of foundation not 12. Men lord weight quicker and can lose 3 stone in those 8 weeks dunno othe reasons


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Its so unfair that you men can loose the weight so much quicker than us women. Why is that?????
It's the way they're built I'm afraid. Most men lose weight much faster than women hence not needing the 14 weeks to lose 3 stone which is the average lost in foundation. It's just the way of the world.
It's a biological-slash-genetic thing.

The female body has evolved to hold on to fats for many reasons, mainly because for the majority of the human existance food was not so easily accessible as we now have it, and so
a)having the extra energy stores available for use during pregnancy would be of great benefit to the mother as well as additional warmth and protection, and
b)it provides additional energy sources/resources for the creation of milk to feed young children once they are born

on the flip side, the male body was predominantly occupied with hunting, building or fighting, hence it proves useful to not have fat stores weighing it down.

Life now is obviously very different, but our bodies don't know that so the same rules apply now from when we adapted during our struggle for survivial in the earlier days of our evolution.


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Its definately a mans world :confused:


...we're sinking deeper.
It's nothing about being a 'man's world' at all.

It's a simple biological fact that men need more calories per day than women. On average they need 500 more than we do (2000 for women, 2,500 for men). Yet on the LL program they still eat 4 packs (same as us), therefore their daily 'calorie deficiency' is 500 calories MORE. And remember - 1lb of fat is equivalent of around 3,500 calories. So within a week, technically speaking, they lose an extra 1lb than we do.
Of course, as Pete rightly pointed out there are other factors, women's bodies are natually predisposed to 'hold on' to the weight a bit more due to basic needs to reproduce/nurture and survive etc.


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It was meant as a joke - as in its a mans world because women have to work so much harder at everything. Sorry if i offended anyone


...we're sinking deeper.
It wasn't an offensive comment at all! :) Sorry, I must have come across a little harsh, I was just wondering why no one had mentioned the actual calorie difference yet. ;)


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Sorry Minerva. I didnt mean to come across as snappy last night - :hug99: Love you before and after pics. Was looking at them last week. You have done so well. You dont even look like the same girl anymore. I hope some day I feel I can put pics up too :D

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