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Lesley's 100% diary


I started on Monday 4th January 2010. I've a long way to go, but am 100% motivated. I want to lose at least 4 stone before I go on holiday in May, to see my parents. My mum hasn't been too well and is always on at me to try and lose weight. She has been obese all her life and is now in her 70's and paying the price. I'm also 50 next year and my OH has promised me the holiday of a lifetime to see my sister in Australia. I'm determined I'm going to lose weight this time, having been overweight since my learly 20's. I've had enough of being limited by embarresment about my size.

It hasn't been as hard as I thought. I have managed to keep up with the water, especially before a meal, I have done this and haven't been too hungry. Have had cravings for savoury things though. My OH had sausages and I could have just licked one!!
Day 5 nearly over day 4 was the worst could bearly face my meals, had a toffee and walnut hot at bedtime helped to cheer me up.
I've now tried all the flavours and decided which I like and have put in my next order to my CDC. Looking forward to trying the bars as I'm desperate to chew something.
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Day 6

Finding it hard today. Freezing outside and home early from work. Only have 1 soup left saving that for tonight, so had to have a cold shake for lunch. Had to have some marigold boullion about 1/4 of a teaspoon in some hot water when I got in from work, just couln't face peppermint tea or cold water.
Enough moaning, can't wait until tomorrow a full week on plan and weigh in.


10lbs is just brilliant, well done! Good on ya for sticking with it. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy watching yourself shrink before your very eyes!



Day 8

A new week. Had a dream last night that I was out with OH and snuck a taste of cheesecake :eek: was relieved to wake up and realise I hadn't cheated.!!!
Freezing cold at work today 51degrees, pleased I took a vegetable soup to have. Toyed with the idea of adding curry powder to it for variety, has anyone any experience?
Find myself really loving the Toffee Walnut hot find it tastes a bit like Horlicks, using that for a real bedtime treat. I'm amazed how my tastebuds have changed, I found the porridge really sweet and artificial to start with, now used to it and actually quite enjoying it.


Day 9
Had a hot cappuccino for breakfast. I’ve decide to try and vary my meals as I don’t want to sicken myself of a particular one. It would be very easy to stick to 3 or 4 favourites, but I have along way to go.

Not sure what’s going on as my tongue constantly feels like I’ve been binge drinking or had a really fatty meal. I seem to be constantly brushing my teeth.

Had a bar for lunch, drunk a cup of coffee with it and a glass of water and was amazed how half way though the bar I felt really full. Will save the other half & nibble it this afternoon.

Would love to find a palatable tea any ideas. I’ve been drinking the odd peppermint but don’t always fancy it. Can you have Earl Grey??

I know I shouldn’t , but jumped on the scales this morning and show me down into the next stone. BIG MILESTONE.

I’ll be euphoric when I get down into the next one as I can’t remember when I was that weight.


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Hi Yelsel, you are doing fab and i wish you lots of luck hun. I started yesterday and so far not to bad, but bit tired today :) x


Day 10 - Marvellous motivation

Day 10
Anyone had any info on the tea? Which ones can you have, is Earl Grey ok?

Not a bad day had a porridge for breakfast, I’ve got used to them now and finding them quite palatable.

Vegetable soup for lunch and have a Mushroom lined up for tea.

I’ve been motivating myself today by reading through Mike Scotts’ postings; they really have made me think!!! :happy036:



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Hey Yelsel, I'm having peppermint tea in the evening. I think you can have tea's that are leaf based but not flower based. Keep going your doing great x


Day 11 & 12

Have only 1 porridge left so I’m having a hot cappuccino & pretending I’m at Starbucks!! Lol
I took a bar for lunch I’ve come to the decision that other posts are right they do seem to give you wind.:eek:

Added curry powder for a change to my vegetable soup made it a bit spicier, although not exactly a night at a curry house!

Got on the scales today show total 14lb reduction can’t wait, or should that be weight, until weigh in on Sunday.

I’ve decide to add porridge in everyday as it does seem to help “bulk” things out a bit. Was windy constipated and uncomfortable this morning. Definitely only having bars 3 times a week max.

Amazed though at how positive I feel and how this has become routine. I’m concentrating on getting though the next 3 months, life feels a bit on hold, but I know this is short term for a lifetime benefit


Hi everyone, I'm YoYoMel and i also started on the 4th of jan 2010. I't's good to see feed back from people on the same boat as me. My first week I lost 8lbs so not sure how much it'll be this week anything will be better than nothing, that's my motto :D


Yeah !!!

YEAH !!:D dow into the next stone. Had weigh in and have lost a total of 15lb in 2 weeks, can't quite believe it. Measured waist loss, but only had metal tape measure, but pretty sure I've lost 1 1/2". I have found it hard today, being off work. CDC suggested putting 1/2 cappucino or vanilla in coffee giving me 2 smaller meals but increasing water. Had terribly windy tummy again last night and had to keep rushing to the loo. keep putting it down to bars, it only seem to happen on days when I have them. Anyone any experience.

Can't wait til next week. Dying to get below 24st 7lb as that will be the lightest I've been in about 15 years!


Day 14 & 15 - Hard Times

:wave_cry:Didn't make it on yesterday. Bad day, feeling low, think it must be TOM.

Didn't fancy anything forced myself to have porridge for breakfast and a soup for lunch.

Really hard when I got home, made myself a soup OH had a beef casserole, asked for a piece of the meat and had a tiny nibble, which amazingly I didn't even enjoy. I gave myself a talking too. I asked myself whether eating something was really going to make me feel any differant, the answer was of course NO! Had a tiny shaving of cheese SAME RESULT.

went to bed at 8.00 with a mug of hot Toffee and walnut to cheer myself up.:)

Felt a bit better today, decided to soldier on as I know it will pass.


Day 17 & 18

Had a terrible night Tuesday night woke at 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep. :( Felt like s*** all day, so decided to take today off work. Managed to stay on plan, so that's something. !lol

Feeling more up beat today, :D took the dog round the park and been keeping up the water intake big time. It is true, if I start getting a headache or feeling peckish, a pint of water and I'm soon back on track.

Felt a bit guilty yesterday as I gave in and had a splash of milk in my tea and coffee. Is this real no no? I have just checked the scales and appear to have lost 3 - 4lb so hopefully might make that 5 by weigh in.


YEAH !! Weigh in - Day 21

Can't believe, after the week I've had. Really bad PMT and emotional ups & downs that I've managed to lose 5lb. :D The last couple of days have been hard, I've sucmbed and nibbled some cheese and ham. :break_diet: Determined to not beat myself up about it though. Feeling a bit more positive now and with a new weeks supply set up for the week ahead. I've selected the other bars that I haven't yet tried, to introduce some new variety. I've found that I'm best having the porridges for breakfast and I am going to alternate a bar with a hot cappucino for lunch, saving my soups for tea and a Chocolate or toffee walnut for bedtime. Here goes, 3 weeks down 9 to go.


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Hey yelsel, you are doing really well and your losses should be spurring you on. I did 5 months last year mainly on SS, so know how you are feeling. Suprisingly once you are in a few weeks it can become like second nature. I made a chart for my fridge that listed the days in the first 12 weeks and crossed off each day that I completed. For me once I started to see the days then weeks go past, and see how far you have to go, reduce (like the lbs on the scales) it was brilliant and spurred me on even more!

You sound like you are totally in the right place for SS, keep drinking your water and wait to see the changes happen. Keep up the great work!


1 Month weigh in

Yeah another 4lb. :D nearly down below the dreaded 25st. hopefully the next 3 weeks should see it well behind. Haven't had time to post this week, been really busy at work. Tried SS+ this past week, had cottage cheese and salad leaves twice and tuna and leaves once. relieved today that although legal it has not affected weight loss. I'm going to try a full SS week again in the hope that it pushes me down into the next stone. I really feel that 4 stone before my holidays is achievable.:)