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lesson well learned!!

There is bugger all room for complacency on this diet. It's time to get back on the straight and narrow.

Last week I had two meals out - I made good healthy, low carb choices and still enjoyed a 4.4lb loss at WI.

This week I got a little bit complacent. Went out with my sister for our old "cheeky burrito" - all that rice, beans, tortilla...carbtastic.

I rationalised it. Said that it was one meal and I wasn't giving in, I was exercising control because I would be straight back to exante with no more stumbles this week.

Not my official WI today but had a sneaky peak against my better judgement. 4lbs on!! :cry:

What a ****ing idiot! (fill in the stars with whatever you like)

Now I am pretty damn sure that it is just water weight from the carbs making me bloat *fingers crossed* but still arrrgh!

Not gonna let it stop me from pressing on with the diet. Just thought it may serve as a word of warning to those who think they figured out how to 'cheat' the system and it still work.

Still having said that, I feel proper pants, especially as I've been 100% angelic in my abstinence since burrito-gate.
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There's a dude on camden market that does the best burritos in the world, but there's a time and a place, innit.

The initial loss was your glycogen (carb) stores (which is stored roughly at a ratio of 1lb glycogen to 3-4 water, which is why peeps traditionally have a higher loss in the first week on pretty much any diet). Sadly the second week is you putting the glycogen (and associated water) back in. Sadly probably not fat loss, but the good news is that it's probably not fat gain, either.

So, you're back where you were, but £50 poorer. I'm sorry to put it like that, but the financial whatsits is one of my major incentives to sticking to the straight an narrow. (I refer the Hon. Lady to the rant I had a few days ago...)

Well done for the self-dispensed kick up the arse, and best wishes for hereon in. I like you being here, and don't want you to throw in the towel. So deep breath and start afresh. :)
Cheers, Miss D. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet! I'm a stubborn thing. I have 3 more days until official WI, and being the serial weigher that I am, know that the first few days of my WI cycle I tend to weigh the same or a pound or two more and then drop in the last couple of days. So I am pretty sure the damage will be undone by then, but still like you said I'm probably gonna have wasted this week.

On the plus side (I always like a positive spin) I didn't gorge myself because I was having "a day off". I ate until I was full and then I stopped= Mini victory number 1. I certainly haven't beaten myself up about it= Mini victory number 2. My head's in the right place, I'm just p*ssed at myself that I was wrong!! :D (Cos I'm always right, you see? ;) )
you know you are kidding yourself
you need to do this diet for you
and to do that you have to sit down and think about how you are planning to do with food fir the rest of your life
sad but true
look at all the massive losers and more impotantly, maintainers
they don't eat burritos

carbs baaaad man!
Another thought to spur you on rosie

do you really want me to pass you on the bmi charts and lower

evil I know
but may make you think
I am definitely stepping away from the burritos! (It was very nice but not worth the 4lb gain!) Can't seem to step away from the scales though, but got weighed this morning and the burrito-gate damage has been undone and then some. So at least now I'm happy there is a downward trend once more and I will try my bestest to leave off the scales until official WI.
lol! I've taken action since my last post - my flatmate has hidden them on my behalf :)


Still Motivated
Every morning I tell myself I will bypass the scales but can I?
The excitement of seeing a figure that I have not seen for a long time is just too much temptation.

Tomorrow is my offical WI so I will not feel guilty in the morning :)

Love Myr xxx

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