Let success begin! :)


So it's a few days since I joined minimins and so far so good, I haven't transgressed much at all and I have not had a bar of chocolate, a bag of crisps or any pizza and I have used some of my weekly points but not all of them :)
It's the dreaded time of the month and as of right now I am 10 stone 6 pounds, so I expect a good weight loss next week, at least 3/4 pounds.
Oh and I got a job until June :)
Oh and by my calculations a small glass of Shloer is one point! Maybe I'm wrong but I think that's right for 100mls.

So goals for the 18th of January 2012

  • Weigh 10 stone 2/3 pounds
  • Walk 5km 6 times a week
  • Use workout DVD 3 times a week (arms and tummy sections)
  • Use no more than 15 of my weekly points
  • By the end of January, I want to weigh 10 stone or less.
There they are, in print, I will make them happen :)
So until the 18th, Ciao!
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Success! 10 stone and one pound!! Have scrapped the dvd however for the couch to 5km program. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get fit, it pushes you gently, builds your stamina and it's free! And you get a rest day inbetween each session! So a stone to go! I also bought a smoothie maker :) I feel happy, healthy and positive
Goal for next week!
9 stone 13 pounds

Link for NHS Couch to 5k -http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx

Best of luck to you all!!