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Let's get this arse into gear... First developers Mini-Goal *ladylite cum in!*

S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 18st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well... Day two back on shakes... going well so far, but am really just taking it day by day. I have not been hungry, and have just had my 4th shake... off to bed in a bit.

I decided I needed a mini-goal to keep me on track... I lost 66lbs in the 100 days I've already done, and am guessing the weight loss is going to slightly slow down. So... in light of this I've set a goal of 20lbs in a month (well, this is from my last weigh in... which was the 20th...but baring in mind I've only been back on track since yesterday it might be tough!) Nevermind... should be fine...

One message for Ladylite... I saw ur post earlier about falling off the wagon because your feeling a bit poorly. I know we are at the same stage so you would have had your first developers meeting last week... Do you want to set a mini-goal too and we can do it together?? :)

Also..... obviously, if anyone else wants to join in, please do... I'm just rubbish at keeping track of everyone sorry :eek:
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Oh, sorry you are struggling a wee bit Dancing. Do you think it is because of the planned break for your holiday? Reason I am asking, I go home end of may May for 3 weeks and am torn about what I am going to do diet wise. I will nto be at goal...reckon I wil be 2 or more stone from goal. I thnk I am going to have to stay on the packs, but will be hard. I thin if I took a break though, it would be harder getting back on track.

In any event, good on you for your goal and your committment. Just remmeber every night when you feel thempted that on this site in big letters are your words:


Maybe have a look at them each evening before temptation strikes to reinforce your committment. And have some plans for evenings....stock up some good books, or DVDs, or plan some pamper time...anything to distract you at the point where you feel weakest!!

I know you can do this if you put your mind to it....you have had great results, just keep focused and sail through!! COme one here if you feel tempted!!

You can do it!!

Claire my darling most definately, I am feeling crap but managed to get to work, I am bloody freezing, determined to get on track today even if it kills me (at least I wont feel then :D).

I am ssooooooo bloody cold and when you are ill and you really need the water that is sooooooo cold also.

Right a goal and I will write on my signature, just gonna go away and work out a realistic one, adding up in not my fawtey (sp).

I have to admit I wont get a gold star for doing this diet but I am defo determined to prove that you dont have to be a top scholar to get there in the end.;)
Christ 20lbs, well done you Claire.

Well I will be very sensible, as as I am older:( and shorter:( I will say 1 stone, thats 14lbs.

I will start on Saturday as I am going to class this Saturday as by the time I get home tonight I will be dead and have already decided to miss tonights WI - (Come on everyone - ahhhhhhhhhhhh).

Thanks EVERYONE for you encouragement and Claire your post made me get into gear;).
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks for that Dancing. Yeah, I am so torn about my holiday - its my moms 90th birthday so there is a huge BBQ, others will invite us to BBQs, we will be in San Francisco on a few nights out, all my favourite foods from home are there - it will be bloody murder!!! BUT - losing weight is my priority.

I was hoping to maybe operate on kind of a RTM plan for three weeks. But I feel that could be hard to come back to too. ITs going to be a very tough decision. We will be doing a road trip so will be all meals out - so that will be hard too.

I don;t want to sound like I am making excuses to eat - but I miss all my favourite foods from home, an dthat is part of the enjoyment of our holidys back there. It doesn;t mean I want to bonge, or go overboard, but a meal a day would be nice. BUt I am afraid of losing the zone as you say.

I am not making my mind up now - will see where I am in May. But I think if I am honest with myself, I am probably going to have to be on the diet. That won;t be the end of the world. BUt it will be hard. But it has to be my priority. I can always bring back a few favourites to have later.

I may be picking your brain more befor the time comes though!!!

WIshing you courage and strength to nail this last little bit of weight of yours!!! I know you will do it. :)


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