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lets motivate ourselves


weighs a lot less
well for those of you who can remember im going to ibiza this summer and determined to wear a bikini ,i got vouchers for dorothy perkins off my mum for xmas and im not gonna use them till i can buy some lovely bikinis in size14 (providing they dot go bust )so what is everyone elses motivation???
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Well my motivation is to fully button up a shirt I bought from All Saints. It is so beautiful but doesn't even come close to buttoning. I bought it as I loved it but they don't do any bigger sizes. I have been wearing it with a black vest underneath but I was out over xmas and saw a guy wearing it fully buttoned up and it looked class so that is my aim!

Other aim is to loose my body issues, i am so paranoid about my body, but am slowly getting there since i met my bf. I would just love to have the confidence to walk around with my top off at the pool or beach and even just in the house. I know this is a long way off so I will be over the moon when the shirt buttons up! I will post pics when I can!! (thats if i've ever reach 50 posts and am allowed!! lol)

Mark x
My motivation is to be slim and healthy when I reach the big 50 which will be in August this year. My aim is to be wearing a size 12/14 comfortably, which I have not done since I was a teenager.
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My motivation is to be slimmer than my ex's new girlfriend....he he
Mark....get yourself on the chit chat forum and play some of the word games, that will up your posts in no time......i am starting all over again, as i was on here last year but have changed my e-mail address since and cant remember my password.....doh!
Amanda xx


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My original aim was to fit into my size 12 wedding dress back in October 08 which i achieved no problem!

I now want to lose that Christmas bulge and get back down to my original weight. I always told myself that i would never again put enough weight on to feel like I've failed and i plan to stick to it!! Like Mark, I have a dress that i only wore once and it does kinda fasten but you can tell its too tight so i want to fit in that comfortably!! Good Luck everyone, i really hope you all achieve your goals.....xxxxxx

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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I have a pale pink velvet band which is off my wedding dress (24 years old on 27th April), which I am determined to wear around my waist!:)
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my OH's family bought me a saree for eid and it has the most stunning sexiest blouse with it that doesnt even go up my arm! i want to be able to wear that!... ooh and the wedding dress that i want to wear only goes up to a size 18 and its perfect! and i dont want any other!!!
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My motivation was for my wedding but as that can't happen now as its too late, I think my motivation has to be for my 3 month honeymoon trip around the world and to wear a bikini and not to wear baggy clothes all the time and to be more active.

Nice thread hun we need a bit uplifting around here!!
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I am being realistic and thinking around 2 stone!! Its all in gods hand
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you can do it!!! you still doing the valentines challenge?? i wanna lose a stone by the 1st of feb! pushing it a bit but I think if i start tomorrow or something i might just make it x
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I didnt hear about the valentines challenge, when is it on?
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there was a thread on it. i initially wanted to lose 2 stones by valentines day... but im hoping for just 1 and a half now. everyone has their own lil challenge which they'd like to reach by v-day.
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hmm I didnt see that thread!! I have just set myself a goal of two stone before the wedding so i hope i at least reach that
My motivation is to go on a summer holiday with the girls without being embarrassed about everything, like the seat belt on the plane not fitting!
To meet up with old friends without them commenting on how much weight I've pilled on.
Willbethin, I too wana be hot when I bump into my ex!
I want to be able to go out to dinner and not feel self conscious about eating!

The list goes on...I really just want to be happy :0)



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My motivation is to be fit and healthy, wear some of the nice clothes again that I brought last year, wear jeans without my muffin top and prove to myself that I can do something and stick to it!
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oooh and to see the expression on my so called friends faces when they see how much weight i have lost!! these are girls who i have known for like 10 years who i thought were my friends but they just wanna compete and just look better than u :S


Is a loser :)
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I want to go body boarding with my kids this summer and not stay covered on the beach looking like i've been beached!

Mainly I want to learn to ride a motorbike hehe mad eh

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