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  1. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new but I think this site is just what I need!
    I have been very overweight for years now and have become a recluse, I've no friends left, I don't go anywhere and I'm invisible to my family. A few weeks ago I decided that something needed to change. It was after the usual Christmas nightmare, you know, when you have to go to social gatherings and anything you wear looks ridiculous and everyone is so glad to see you because whatever they look like, they know that you will look worse which, of course makes them feel wonderful! My husband stopped 'seeing' me years ago. He has a very active social life and never takes me anywhere. He has become so complacent knowing I will always stay at home to look after the kids (all grown up now) do the cooking/shopping/housework/washing etc.etc. and have his meal ready when he decides to come home. He travels abroad a lot, never thinking for one minute to leave any contact details, it's as if I only exist as his skivvy.
    I'm ready for change. No-one knows I'm losing weight but I don't care, something feels different, it feels like I've just woken up from a nightmare. I'm into my third week now and I'm hoping that by writing a diary here (not a food diary-just a thoughts diary) it will keep me motivated.

    Am I really the only person in the world that feels so invisible??:gen157:
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  3. KrisAlexa

    KrisAlexa Full Member

    It's time you started living for yourself and doing what makes you happy! Good luck on your weight loss I know you can do it, and when you have it will all be so worth it! Prove to your husband that your so much more than just a skivvy!! Xxxx
  4. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Full Member

    Hunny, if people can't accept you whatever your size, they don't deserve you as a friend/family member,
    I hope that you have a great weight loss journey and that your confidence grow's. Don't forget everyone including me wants/wanted their weight gone by yesterday kind of thing, slow and steady and you will get there......hugs
    Please keep me posted :0) xx
  5. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Thank you so much, I knew I'd be at home here xx
  6. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Chocci fan did it, what an inspiration! How about you Kris, do you have much to lose?
  7. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hiya, hon, welcome to the forum - it's a great place for support. :) How much do you want to lose? I can sympathise with the lifelong weight issues, having 30 years experience as a yo-yo dieter! Sorry to hear you feel so invisible, that must be hard and I don't really know how to advise you, other than to say that losing weight should go at least some way towards improving your self esteem. My husband is an athlete, so has never been able to understand my issues with food and weight, sadly, so there was that element there with me too, but not with my family, friends and colleagues thankfully. I'm certainly noticing a lot more attention from the OH now, especially when I wear my new skinny jeans, lol. So keep a good attitude, believe in yourself, and we'll give you as much support as we can on here. :) xx
  8. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Gosh, it's hard to believe that there's so many nice people out there that have achieved such great results, it really helps to talk to you all!
    I don't feel alone anymore but I'm sorry for sounding so depressing in my introduction. I'm not usually so negative-just a bad day I suppose.
    I'm sure that once the first stone is off my attitude will improve. xx
  9. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Full Member

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit more positive, I'm sure when you're at the other end of your dark tunnel, you can help someone else who needs it, and will be just as great full. I have needed help in the past, so it's nice to be there for someone else. Stay positive if someone can't be nice to you.... You don't need them and they don't deserve YOU!!! Hugs :) xx
  10. SaraJaneQ

    SaraJaneQ Full Member

    Hello bluetack :) we are all here to support you :) and it's like a big family.. I have been on Atkins for over three months now and it has changed my life. Good luck for your weight loss journey and have a strong will power. Keep other peoples comments away! Keep us posted and if you have any questions please ask away.
  11. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Hi bluetack Sorry to hear your feeling like this Nothing worse when someone takes you for granted. You seem such a nice person and you deserve better! Im sure when you start to see results youll be alot happier. Im only on my 3rd week too! Best of luck with your weight loss Let us know how you're getting on
  12. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Oh, we all have those days! :) Glad you can find some help on here - it's a good forum. xx

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