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Letting yourself eat anything....


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Over xmas I decided to allow myself 2 days xmas day boxing day to eat what I wanted.Ive been doing SW EE since Mar 2010 so Ive been used to eating a certain way.
I must admit I crave the usual cakes ice cream biscuits now and again,but I had to force myself those 2 days that it was ok to eat pies,cake mince pies it went against everything I was used to the discipline. I was glad to go back to eating the SW way as I felt bloated and rubbish eating c**p.
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I feel awfully bloated & sluggish now if I eat too many chocs, so much that I look forward to 100% SW the next day & don't really crave them for a while after. Lol.


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I stuck to plan over Christmas although I did save about 15 syns for a slice of Christmas Cake that I had made from my Nan's recipe. It was worth every bite and didn't feel to guilty but I gave the rest of the cake away!
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This might be slightly off topic, but I had a "bad day" and ate A LOT. Granted, they were all free foods (more free than super free), but I just kept eating and eating and eating. I need to stop this madness! And I'm having a hard time with my super free foods. I have no problem eating fruit, but I'm not a huge vegetable fan. I have a pretty limited repetoire. Peppers, carrots, corn, peas and broccoli. I know peas and corn aren't superfree. Anybody else have a problem getting their veg in?

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Yes I'm not a veg lover either...to be honest I depend a lot on fruit to make up my 1/3rd superfree & if its veg its normally peppers, babycorn or carrots. I adore sweetcorn but unfortunatey it isnt superfree. I would love to like more veg & the weird thing is that I do like vegetable soup but I find veg with a meal very bland & unappealing.


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I love veg, all except mushrooms (tho I can eat them raw) and turnips. Could you eat them in the form of soup?
S: 11st6lb C: 10st6lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 1st0lb(8.75%)
Yes. I'm a huge soup eater but having just started sw I'm not very adventurous yet. And salad is fine but sometimes I can't be bothered. The thought of salad is too diet-y. But sometimes I crave them! I don't have a lot of kitchen time. So cutting veg up etc isn't an option. I NEED A DAY OFF WORK! I work 7 days a week...every week. And my toddler on top of that. And my OH works 2 pm til 10 pm. Its rough. No doubt I gained so much weight! Convenience food.


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I let myself have a day off for my birthday and really didn't want anything unhealthy lol i practically forced myself to eat hot cross buns because I 'could'. Ended up screwing the week up - not doing that again!!

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