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Lickthelid's scan bran challenge new for 2016!


Lives here....
I just came back with my tail between my (now chubbier) legs.

Anyhoo. Last time around several of us followed the scan bran challenge with some real success.

Original thread here: (or would be but apparently I can't paste into messages anymore?? What's up with this forum these days?? I'll pop it into my signature or you can search for "lickthelid's mini scan bran challenge week")

Right. So as I know it works I plan on doing it again. I only rejoined on Thursday and I don't ACTUALLY have any scan bran YET so I will be doing my first week as usual and then starting the challenge NEXT Thursday. I thought that would give anyone who wanted to join me the time to also stock up


The scan bran challenge is this:

  • You have scan bran for your hex b for one week
  • That's 5 scan bran slices each day
  • You can eat them how you wish (I used to make scan bran cake for breakfast!!)
  • You up your water intake exponentially (this is important!!)
  • You NEVER stray too far from an accessible toilet
  • You generally lose at least 1.5-2lbs :)
It's that simple. But not as easy as it looks and sounds because scan bran is an acquired taste/texture. Anyone wishing to join me is advised to read the previous challenge thread and the scan bran recipe thread to juzz it up a bit.

Until Thursday fellow minis....
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Lives here....
Ok I can't paste links anywhere. Maybe it's because I'm using my iPhone. Hmm

If anyone wants to read it. Tell me an I will resurrect it so its visible here :)


Lives here....
Day one:

Today I had intended to have my scan bran as a cake for breakfast. Yes people, breakfast. But I have a quite grumpy baby in a sling on my front so plans may change as although he is hands free it's not great for food prep as you can't fully see what you are doing.

They may end up as crackers with laughin cow!!! :eek:
I've come to join you once again. I've bought enough to last the week and I'll hopefully see this challenge through till weigh in.
Today's I had with sweet chilli chicken chunks. They weren't as bad as I remembered but by slide 5 I was struggling.
I remember the days of a baby stuck to be in a sling well (and sometimes miss them)


Lives here....
Yay ! I managed to make the scan bran cake and it was ok topped with 0% vanilla yoghurt and a banana. Tomorrow I'm thinking of making the ferrero rocher balls. I've got some Nutella....unfortunately ;)
let me know how they turn out as I am tempted in trying to make them.
I also have a large jar of Nutella. Of course, only ever consumed by the girls!:D


Lives here....
I will let you know! If they turn out good then that's 8syns well spent if you ask me haha!! X
So I will confess I had 2 days off plan and ate a bucket load of chocolate! But, I still ate my scan bran as my heb on both days. Usually, I would have gained water weight from a binge.
The scales this morning are saying the same as weigh in last Wednesday.
I'll keep on with the scan bran and hope for a loss this week.
How are you getting on?


Lives here....
I've been on plan and my hex b has been scan bran. Or one of them where I have an extra due to breastfeeding.

So far I have had:
Thurs: scan bran cake for lunch
Fri: scan bran as crackers topped with laughing cow, ham, toms and cucumber
Today: I tried to make the ferrero balls but was slightly short on 2 tablespoons of Nutella so ended up with a chocolate crumble. They just wouldn't bind so it's on a plate in the fridge and I'm picking at it occasionally. Tastes nice though so that's a winner. Downside is that I have to buy a new jar of Nutella. Dangerous times ahead!

I'm not weighing in between at the moment so I'm not sure on the effects until Thursday but I feel ok and am keeping the fluids up as much as possible!! No horrendous side effects to date if you catch my not so subtle drift!!!

Sounds like they are helping you with fluid retention. I reckon they are so dry they just soak it all up haha
I'm jealous of the extra healthy extras. I used to eat large bars of dairy milk when I was feeding :oops:

I've made the Ferrero rocher this afternoon and they are chilling in the fridge for later. They are actually edible lol


Lives here....
How do you make them stick together???


Lives here....
Ok I didn't melt mine and I chopped them up in a chopper thingy so maybe it was too dry all round. I'll go to sainsburys later and try it your way!! :)


Lives here....
Argh. This time they were too wet!!'


Lives here....
Ill give it a third go tomorrow. Third time lucky and all that!! It certainly makes the scan bran way more palatable though.

Dangerous thing though is that my sainsburys does 1kg jars of Nutella s well as the smaller sizes. So of course I bought that. Economies of scale. :)
Trying to force scan bran down when you're not hungry is an interesting experience!
I have my hea cheese allowance and I'm desperately trying to convince myself it's a nice plate of cheese and crackers and my nas squash is a glass of red!


Lives here....
Now that's some imagination haha. I'm finding it easier to make chocolate stuff or to have it as breakfast I have to say! I'll give them another go today and see how I get on. I hope this is worth it. What day do you WI?

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