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I just thought I would let you know how Im getting on since finishing CD 7/8 weeks ago. I still pop back to this forum so see how you are all doing and I think you are doing brilliantly especially those who have decided to start 10 days before Xmas! This site definately helped me with my weight loss through good times and bad!

I am now 3lb heavier than my last weigh in which I now put on then lose it. Its been really hard work and I have tried to change my eating habits from before doing CD. Im fairly good during the week with low carb choices but do eat what I like at the weekends. Im also doing more excercise through walking and horse riding but it is hard to keep the momentum up!

I dont miss the shakes and bars and my goal is to stick with this weight through eating normally. My advice is to not give yourself an unrealistic weight target. Mine is 10.7-10.12 and Im 5ft 5 so I am around a 24/25 BMI. If I had lost anymore I think I would of piled it back on quicker - this weight seems to be maintainable.

Keep at it and when I put that piece of chocolate in my mouth I think just have one piece because if I have more and the weight piles back on - the money and the months drinking shakes would of all been a complete waste!

Happy Xmas and a slim 2009!

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That's good to hear Sabab!! I'm only 1lb from goal and am fearing life without CD in the future it's good to know that it can be done and I look forward to being able to post a similar message in the future.

Well done


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i am at least a stone away from goal so dont have to face life without cd yet...but it's good to know it can be done!


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I'm 7 lb from original goal but 1 st from new one, its good to know that it can be done good luck and keep in touch with the forum - it inspires those of us still doing cd to know it can be done


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Hi well done you seem to be coping quite well .It does get easier as time goes by and you learn to make good choices and to compensate for those norty moments:rolleyes:.I am now 8 months down the line and finding I think less and less about food and am still maintaining ok .Not sure how xmas will work out yet but have already sorted out a mini diet for any indulgences :D .Keep going follow the plans and read about keeping a balanced diet loads of books in library that will help .Use one of the online sites to help you track your food for a while weight loss resources is a good site but isnt free I use food focus which is free youll soon be able to make the right choices without even thinking about it xx