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Life after Exante?


overworked underpaid mum!
So. What happens? Is there some kind of re feed thing? Did i miss that bit of paper in my box? Why is there no sticky for what u do when u get to ur personal target?

Ok so i think too much. But em. What happens? Obviously u don't go and celebrate at the twin arches. That'd be dumb. How do u normalize without adding saddlebags?

1st lost so far! 11st 13lbs!!! (updated daily)
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Well I am aiming to probably get 7 lbs under my stated target - so 11 stone ish - then I have that 7 lbs to play with as I readjust to eating and gain water again. I am then going to just watch what I eat in the sense that if I have a day where I eat loads of rubbish or go to a party or whatever, I will be really good on other days to compensate and only weigh myself once a week just to make sure I am not straying too far from my target weight - if I do I will pull it back unlike all the other times!!! I am also going to try to keep drinking a lot of water :) Oh and I am definitely thinking running down the street naked has to be done if and when I reach 11 stone lol - can't hide how fab I will look from the world now can I? lol


Doing it exante style :)
Go on the Lipotrim part of the forum, they've got re-feed info that tells you everything you should eat to minimise the water gain xx
Assume you are your goal weight, and using that number,

Go here to calculate your goal weight BMR (basal metabolic rate: i.e. calories burned each day assuming you did nothing but lie in bed):
BMR Calculator

Then go here to turn that BMR into your optimum daily calorie intake for the weight you want to maintain:
Harris Benedict Equation

That gives you a basic idea of how many calories you can have each day once you reach your goal. It doesn't assume any exercise if you put 'sedentary', so depending on what calories are burned through exercise, that gives you more room to play with.

Right after Exante your metabolism will be a little lower as your body adjusts from having such a low calorie intake. So build up the calories gradually and obviously don't gorge on Italian every night ;) Some ppl do working solution after TS to get back into the food game.


overworked underpaid mum!
Ah cool thanks for the info ladies :) that's really helpful! Only 30 odd lbs to go but hey hopefully that won't take long.

1st lost so far! 11st 13lbs!!! (updated daily)
Thanks for the useful links TX - you're always a mine of information! Have inputted my goal weight and looks like I'll be ok on 2163 cals a day... wow that seems like a feast after my measly 600 at the moment! Really that should allow for treats/ eating out, etc without gaining weight, esp if I have an exante breakfast and lunch when I need to keep things in check. Does make me wonder how much I was eating to get 5 stone overweight though :eek:
Im thinking of going over to CD and follow the maintaince route from 1000-1500 im looking for a CDC now and hopefully will book an appointment when ive finished on exante.

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