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life & food after lighterlife???


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its early days for me but i've lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks and have a few pound still to go. My LL lady isn't that great, seems to be in it for the £! I haven't even started a group yet, it's meant to be this wednesday if it happens. I'm getting a bit embaressed with people keep saying "what happens when you start to eat again, will you put all the weight back on?"
Can anyone give me a idea what i do when i get to my target weight? i feel a bit bit silly paying £66.00 and not really having a clue what happens after.... thank you in advance in you can help :)
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Hi Maz

Maybe you would be better transferring to Cambridge plan, its half the price, the maintenance plans are very clear and you don't seem to have much support from your LLC.

PS: Sorry can't offer advice about what happens when you get to your goal weight as I left LL after 2 weeks.


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thanks, how are you finding cambridge diet? i know their food tastes MUCH NICER!! what made you swap if you don't mind me asking? Thanks Maz
I wasn't impressed with the counselling or the cost. I lost 25lbs altogether last October through both plans, but unfortunately didn't do maintenance, even though I know its the most important part of the plan.

I'm on day 4 of restart and am totally struggling but the support on here is keeping me going. As for the flavours of CD compared to LL they are fab.

One thing I would say is don't have a break if you do swap over, as one piece of food is like the devil when you SS. Wish I had listened to that advice myself.


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I have to say i've been on CD since friday and today i tried a LL shake( my friend is on it) the chocolate shake is yummy, like real milkshake. This place is inspirational and CD is cheaper and has the same results plus there is different programmes that you can even have a meal on.
My Mum did LL years ago and lost 4 stone, but they didnt seem to have a maintence programme, so consequently all the weight went back on and more besides.
She's now back on slimming world, claiming that LL is good but doesn't keep the weight off in the end.
Thats why i went for CD cos they have a maintenence programme that seems to keep the weight off.
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LL do indeed have a maintenance programme - once off SS you do a 12 week programme (think it's 12 - can you spot the guilty conscience of one who didn't finish it?!). The programme involves food being slowly re-introduced with packs per day reduced over the programme and there is a weekly group at which you can discuss any problems or concerns with your counsellor.
I must admit, I looked at LL but after ringing the counsellor several times she finally got back to me but wouldn't give me any information over the phone, said I had to come to a meeting before she could disclose the costs and the plan (it reminded me of a sales pitch for a spanish villa)
I decided against it at that point as I found the costs on the Internet, but then she rang me up daily and asked me why I didn't want to join, In the end I had to lie and say i was going to hospital for large Op and would contact her in the future ( we will have moved by then)

I was worried about lack of support, but to be honest I think i have had so much valuable support on here I haven't missed out.... I find it hard to believe that you have not been told about maintenence.... as the thing with any VLCD is that you have to totally change your ideas about food and your relationship with food, and thinking about maintenance for me even at this stage I feel is a very valuable part of my journey.

£66 is a lot of money if you are not getting the support you are paying for, it would be more economical to join CD and have a lifecoaching session once a week to help you with any issues you have.

Good luck though with your loss whatever plan you choose to continue to follow!


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blimey! if u have been on it 2 weeks and had no meetings i would expect the LLC to only charge for the packs, not the £66. what a cheek! good luck with whatever u decide...sticking with it or hopping over to CD.



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blimey! if u have been on it 2 weeks and had no meetings i would expect the LLC to only charge for the packs, not the £66. what a cheek! good luck with whatever u decide...sticking with it or hopping over to CD.

That is the price for the packs, LL don't charge for the counselling. That's the official line I believe :)

The maintenance programme is supposed to be very good on LL, providing you have a good counsellor of course :) Same with CD, there's a maintenance programme to follow and having a good counsellor will help there too!