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Life is too short...

My friend died yesterday, she was only 27. She had cancer. Everywhere. She only found out in May, and now 4 months on, she has died. She leaves behind her husband, and 2 gorgeous daughters, one aged 6 and one just 9 months. It breaks my heart that her baby won't remember her mummy. This world is so unfair.

She was an amazing lady, such an inspiration. She raised over £35,000 pounds for charity in the time she was ill, money that will help other families that have to go through this hell. Even at this horrific time for her she was still thinking of others.

If it's one thing I've learnt from this, it's that life is a b*tch but also that we only get one crack at this, life can be taken away from anyone of us at anytime. Live for today as the may not be any tomorrow.

I know it's cheesy, but tell your love ones you love them, don't fall asleep on a arguement and just make the most of every opportunity. I know I will change the way I live my life from now on.

RIP Vikki xxxx
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I am so sorry about your friend. She has died tragically young.

Her family will need all the support and help they can get to start with.

It is oh so true that life is this minute, the minute we live in.

As a cancer patient myself and the owner of a small support site for ladies with breast cancer, it breaks my heart each time we lose one of our young members, any member in fact whatever their age, but with the youngsters it somehow seems so much worse.

Everything you have said is so true. We none of us know what tomorrow will bring and that is one good reason to live our lives as well and as honestly as we can. I have no time for petty issues or imagined hurts or wrongs or misplaced sensitivity.

Life is precious we should seize it with both hands.

I didn't know her but R.I.P. Vikki. my love and thoughts are with her husband and tiny daughters.
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It's so true life is very short. Unfortunately many things have happened in my life which made me realise this a long time ago. That's why now I'm always positive, happy, easy going, try not to argue and don't have any regrets.


Is so doing it this time
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I'm so so sorry to hear about your friend, I cant even begin to imagine what her loved ones are going through but my thoughts and prays are with them. And what a remarkable young woman she was to still think of others and her children will learn what she managed to do for others and be so proud of her. Thank you for this post...... I have had a tough time with my son last week but your post has reminded me how precious life is and not to waste it arguing and fighting x
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So sorry to hear about your friend, RIP Vicky indeed.

She sounds like such an amazing inspirational lady. Thats so great that she raised all that money for charity, truely amazing. Good on her.

You sound like you choose your friends wisely hun, my thoughts go out to you and her family at this time x
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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That is way to young to go. Good on her for raising money to help others though. My auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer in January at the age of 43. She had it removed, chemo and is now going through radiotherapy, but through all of this, she's still raised money for our local hospitals Cancer Department (I work in the same hospital) and is a complete rock. She won't let it beat her, and I really hope that if I ever was in the same situation (pray to God it won't ever happen) I'd be just like she is being.

At the moment at our SW class, we raise money for local charities so we are also raising money for the Cancer Department. Our C sells old back issues of mags for 50p, and we have a 5p pot, which we put our change from our fivers in. We're running it till after Christmas. I was so grateful when my suggestion was picked.
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What a tragic thing to happen. Although I don't know you, Vikki or her family, as somebody whose family has also been touched by this dreadful disease, I'll be thinking of you and Vikki's family today. Those poor children ...:cry:
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Life is too short
Don't waste a minute
Enjoy each day
And everyone in it
Tomorrow will come
It could be your last
Make the most of today
Life passes too fast.

RIP Vikki
Thanks everyone, it is horrible that it happened, but it has put life into perspective and made me give myself a good shake. I'm gonna grab life by the horns, for Vikki's sake x
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good for you. i find people like Vikki so inspiring. My mum for example, now she hasnt had cancer or anything :fingerscrossed: but my brother died 20 years ago when he was 14. I was 10 at the time. He died while away with scouts. After that happened my mum encouraged all of us to become involved with scouts, she became a Beaver leader and we all enrolled in the various sections. 20 years later me and my elder bro are both Scout leaders, 1 younger bro is cub leader and the other a beaver leader along with my mum! People can be so inspirational! Look after yourself Lou at this sad, sad time. :grouphugg:


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I am so sorry for your loss hon :( xxx

She sounds like a truly inspirational person, and her hubby and daughters should be very proud that she was part of their lives. I feel so sorry for them :(
I completely agree with you Louise. I've lost young friends tragically and it is so hard hitting. I try not to moan and I'm grateful each morning when I wake up, that is a gift in itself.
We are here for a short time so let's make the very most of it. Take each day as it comes and enjoy it, even if it's just the "mundane" day to day routine it's still a gift to be here.
Best wishes to you honey. xxx

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